How To Deal With Post Party Blues?

As we join the world of dizzy music and fluorescent lights, we also need to know the responsibilities that come along with it. Here are a few tips on how to handle how to deal with Post Party Blues and things that come in a package along with that.

‘Suit’ the occasion

This may seem like a cliché, but more often than not, the way you dress says a lot about you, even more than you think. Dressing for the occasion is very important. You will always be better off if you find out a bit more about the place you are going to and dress accordingly. After all, you don’t want to be the only person in a formal evening gown in a casual pub or wearing khakis and not being allowed to enter the nightclub at all.

Comfort is key

Dressing for a party also has to do with the element of personal comfort, and it speaks a lot about the person you are. What works best is that you dress in what you feel comfortable in. The more you are confident about the clothes you are wearing, the more the chances that you come across as someone who can handle herself. The more uncomfortable and clumsy you feel, chances are that you will look hesitant.Unfortunately, night outs these days come with danger signs all over the place. And no, the solution is not to attend these parties. All you need to do is be on guard, especially if you are going out with people you don’t know too well. Keep an eye and ear open all the times. If you feel the bar is getting empty too soon or if it’s getting filled with a shadier crowd, get up and leave. If you are travelling at night by yourself or with a group of women, keep a lookout for directions.

Counting your drinks

It is a always a good idea to space out your drinks, so that you can enjoy the evening rather than have a groggy memory of it the next day. I always tell myself, only you know when to stop. The awesome part about nightlife is the socializing that surrounds it. And you don’t want to miss the fun. Also, be wary about free drinks sent your way. Night clubs are the place where people are too happy to care. I suggest you do.

Be responsible for yourself

Freedom does not come with instructions as to how to use it. But it’s equally important to look after yourself. If you don’t like the vibes you are getting from a friend or a colleague you have come out with, walk out of the situation or at least inform someone. All that is needed is a clear head and quick thinking. Also, extend this responsibility to your friends.

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Written by N D'cruz

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