How To Throw a Holi Party in Style

So the most colorful festival of the season is here. And it is time to get your thinking cap on and plan a super cool Holi party. Yes we know Holi is all about colours, bhang and yummy delicacies, but let’s see if we could spice it up a bit!

Throw a Holi Party in Style

  1. Where you wish to throw the party is the most important thing. Remember, you cannot throw this party is a small enclosed area, unless you want stains and slush all over your place. Select an open lawn area or a terrace would do good too as long as it has enough space to accommodate all your guests and free space to move around.
  2. Install canopies with plastic chairs and tables. Go for plastic sheets for table cloths. Remember not to clutter the place with too many of these though. You could also prompt your guests to sit on the floor if you clean up well. Set up a lot of dry colours on each table so that your guests have an easy time.
  3. Setup chakhna bars. While the Gujiyas and Pakoras are all time favourites, try to innovate with snacks like cheeseballs, finger food like fries and nuggets. Please keep the munchies dry and quick bites only.
  4. Have a good flow of drinks. Mocktails and fresh juices apart from the usual bhang and lassi will be a great idea. Have fresh fruit oriented shots or ice candies mixed with bhang as a welcome drink, from jello, bhang iced sorbets – to bhang infused fruit salads would be a great idea. Pani Puri Bhang shots are the coolest thing in town off late. Do not forget to have unbreakable glassware.
  5. Get those brightly coloured inflatable toys. These come in neon and are made of plastic. Such toys will add life to your party and will be fun to play around with.
  6. While having the party by a swimming pool would be a great idea, you could also install temporary water showers. Of course getting wet colours is a strict no no, but who minds a little fun getting drenched in the water? But make sure you have a changing room ready, along with lots of towels in case your guests need them.
  7. Fix up a dress code for your guests. Minimum make up, chappals or flip flops, minimum accessories are some of the must haves.

Last but not the least, the most important bit is good music. Bollywood is the theme that suits any Holi party the best. From the evergreen Holi Ke Din Rang Mil Jate Hai to Holi Khele Raghubira Awadh Me, make sure you have them all in your play list. Some more suggestions would be Balam Pichkari, Sunny Sunny from the movie Yaariyan and the latest Chaar Bottle Vodka from Ragini MMS-2.

Whatever you do, remember its just for a day, so don’t go about spending a fortune over the party. Go for cheap and affordable options and have fun!

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Written by Swati Tewari

A dreamer, a reader...and a crazy party animal, who loves to write. Trying to create something different each time, looking at the road ahead, gazing at the stars, wondering what their smile says...

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