How Millennial Moms Really Feel About Sex

Mom and Sex that two words that typically don’t go together. But of course, moms are obviously having sex. And that’s how (most) babies come from, through pleasurable experiences in bed. However, there is a common misconception that women, specifically mothers, do not enjoy or want sex. Yet a new study reveals everything we think we know about postnatal sex may be wrong.

With 33 being the average age in India of a woman giving birth first time in urban cities, the millennials are at the peak of having sex because of their age. They are a lot more confident and they become more experimentative, with women equally participative in bed as men, even after the birth of their child.


Sex after having a baby helps couple bond a lot because that’s the emotional connection they create. It becomes even more important now and quickies become their new best friend. Sex after birth becomes better and they want that again, which is why they then travel more and even plan a second honeymoon for planning a second baby.

Millennial Mom’s and Sex Time

Millennial moms are great multitaskers and managers, managing job, home, baby and sex altogether. Sex time is important for them and they prefer nights because they are night owls. It is said that men never age but millennial mothers are proving this wrong as they can do all till a very long age and not ashamed of expressing what they want and how they want. They’re pretty clear about everything.

Surprising figures from the study suggest that 61% of the women

Surveyed revealed they wanted to have even more sex. Yes, you read that right.

But that’s not all. The study, which surveyed 1,000 women between the ages of 22 and 37, all mothers, also found that most millennial moms are having sex many times per week. In fact, among all the millennial moms that were surveyed, 18.9% said they were having sex more than three times per week,

29.2% said they were having sex two to three times per week and 25.7% said they were having once per week. However, on the contrary, 13.3% said they were having sex less than one time each month.

When asked what problems they face for having sex, more than 42% of women admitted it was being tired.

Academy of Neurology’s 2017 annual meeting’s research shows even tough moms are more likely to suffer from lack of sleep than dads, they are most likely to enjoy. According to the study, 73.9% of the women surveyed believe postnatal sex is the same or better than it was before giving birth.

So, while we may not want to think that our mothers have sexual needs or enjoy it after our birth, moms are here, and they have sex — so get used to it.

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