4 Useful Container Ideas for Storing Shallots

Is your kitchen getting clumsy for lack of storage space? There is no dearth of containers in the market, but which one would you to choose to suit your needs? Here are three containers that can prove to be of extreme help in storing your shallots.

The kitchen/cabinet drawer container

This container looks like a cabinet drawer or a kitchen drawer. These are rectangular in shape, can be used individually or can also be fitted in the drawers of your modular kitchen drawers. They come in wood and in bamboo or cane. Those made of wood come with a cover while the ones made of bamboo/cane are open. These containers prevent your kitchen from accumulating dirt and can be easily cleaned.

Dim sum container

If you find a dim sum container lying useless, just grab it. These containers can be used as excellent storage places for your shallots. These are compact and they look neat. The body is made of wood and the bamboo cover is supported by a tough wooden rim. These containers have good depth and you can store, onions, shallots and even garlic in one place. This prevents you from looking for different storing places. It is a wonderful compact storage place.

A cane house

This container looks like a cute house for items to be stored. It has a fat middle portion with a wide mouth. The mouth has a covering. But to make matters easy for the cook there is a small pocket at its side where you can store potatoes or shallots. This pocket saves the cook the pain of removing the mouth to take the items out.

Tips for using such containers

Avoid storing juicy items like tomatoes in these containers. They might get smashed and you might have to go through a messy cleaning process.

Sometimes keep these containers under the sun in a scorching day. The heat of the sun kills the bacteria that might have formed in these containers.
Dust the containers before keeping a fresh stock of items. This keeps the container the stock in good condition.

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