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What you wear mirrors the kind of person you are so be very careful as you move out of the secure doors of colleges and homes and step into the brutal corporate as you’re under the scanner 24*7Here are a few tips I would love to share with you when it comes to dressing up for a corporate or classy set up


The easiest way of creating a lasting impression amidst strangers is by dressing for the occasion. This doesn’t mean you spend a bomb on your clothes every time you go for meetings, client presentations, reviews or events, it simply means you respect the purpose and act according to what’s called the corporate protocol.

Wear Indian or Western formals it’s perfectly fine but my personal experience states that Western formals qualify as rather chic and classy if you are wearing anything less than an expensive saree to compete with the intriguing appeal of trousers or skirts.


A soft make up is recommended as the skin demands some kind of moisture and life after a hard day’s work. Meetings are generally scheduled post noon when half your energies have given up on you. At the most, use a foundation or sunblock, some water proof liner, light gloss nude shade to be sober and some gentle hair brushing so that you don’t look lost and fatigued.


Extremely important accessory…yes it is nothing less than an accessory because of the definition it gives your personality. Shoes or Stilettoes or whatever you call them need to be of the same colour as that of your handbag. Yes…you read it right! It’s complete disregard for protocol if you were hot red stilettoes and carry an off-white bag. Make sure you buy a pair of black shoes and a black bag as black matches with everything.


Remember you are being scanned by everyone and judged at every step. Make sure you don’t use an INR 100-150 worth bag to a meeting at Taj or Marriot, you’ll feel miserable. A decent INR 500 worth bag for meets and around INR 250-300 worth bag for regular use should be perfect.Carry a laptop backpack if you know there is too much travelling involved. In the end you alone have to manage your stuff and the weight.


A watch, notepad, pen, handkerchief, sanitizer, perfume/deo, and of course a sanitary napkin (for women) should always be handy to avoid embarrassing situations


This is the most vital piece of clothing even if intangible. Your body language and attitude speak tons about you. Always be calm, sober and in control of yourself when in public. Everyone comes with sorrows, stresses, pressures and pleasures, no need to be outrageously blatant about your feelings in public. You are expected to behave in a mature, rational way and respect the code of conduct or decorum.

Be careful and act responsible, you represent your brand which is nothing less than your identity and the purpose of your existence till you belong to a particular company. Good Luck, be suitably dressed…because it’s all that you can do to rightfully impress.

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