How to Develop Toddler’s Language Skills

As our kids grow each day right from the day they are born, the one thing we look forward to the most is to hear them speak. By the age of two, they start communicating in a language of their own and this is the time when we need to help them develop their speech.  Today,kids are faster like never before and pick up things easily. Following are observations of kid from the 1st month to 2 years how they develop language skills.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Up to 6 months[/highlight]

1 st six months they observe you how you speak, movement of your lips. Communicate with your baby from the day one. Initially start with small words, They will defiantly give response and will try to speak. Attract your child by making animal sound. Babies at this age love to hear animal sounds. Six months babies can respond to their names. They can say small single words like bye, baba, and mama.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]6-12 months[/highlight]

6-12 month babies are more physically active they try to crawl, stand up and try to walk without support. Up to 12 months they try to speak only small worlds like dada, kaka and papa. More you communicate with your kid more they pickup words. 12 month baby can be identify body parts, try to show them pictures book like vegetables, fruits and vehicles. Sing easy rhymes or play audio CD. Words adopted at an early age always stay in the subconscious mind, and kid will never forget them as they grow up.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]12-18 months[/highlight]

18 months baby can try to speak small lines but, only when if he is well trained. We spend a lot of time coochie-cooing (baby talk) to our kid and less time in actual talking. Speak to your kid as much as possible. Speak to him about anything like every activity what you are doing, like tell him it’s bathing time. Introduce him bathroom and all bathing accessories. While meal time tell him menu and about its taste like sweet, sour and salty. Introduce him colors and shapes. He will learn easily at this age and you will be surprised at how much your child will pick up and when it is time for your child to speak he should be able to speak a lot earlier than other children.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]18-24 months[/highlight]

Babies in this age combines words and speak short sentence. They can be name familiar objects. Fluency of speech won’t be great but they try to speak and sing rhymes. They get little confused about gender and I, you and we but can communicate easily. They should be able to state his full name and sex. Babies in this age are more excited to know the name of each and everything. So they tend to ask you more questions, don’t get hesitated, answer each of his questions calmly and interesting way. So he can understand easily.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Talk on the phone[/highlight]

Babies observe your each and every activity. They get attracted when you are on phone and willing to do the same thing. Talking on toy phone would be the best conversational activity. Give her toy phone pretending like it’s a granny’s call or her favorite person’s call. She will enjoy and would like to talk more.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-red” ]Reading and Storytelling[/highlight]

Many parent will not have the entire day free to spend with their child. Spend less time but it should be quality time. Night time is the best time to tell stories. Make a habit of storytelling at bed time. Also read out to good lesson to him . Every story and lesson has new words, which helps to develop his vocabulary.

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Written by Bhakti D

Bhakti is a dedicated full-time certified yoga instructor and follows yogic teachings as a way of life rather than a fitness goal. Yoga has helped her lead stress-free life for herself as well as has a calming influence on the family. After she realized the goodness of Yoga, she decided to pursue Yoga more seriously by building on Yoga related competencies. She has done a number of classrooms as well as one to one teaching sessions in Mumbai, helping her clientele achieve a happy and healthy lifestyle.

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