Home Decor Trends For 2017 That You Watch Out For

As one year ends and another begins, a whole lot of styles and trends change too. We’re rounding up home decor trends for 2017 that we are predicted to be the biggies for the coming year.

1.Glamorous Metallic


(Buy this metallic coffee table from Pepperfry)

While they’ve been around in the West for a while, metallic accented furniture and home decor has just about set foot in Indian when it comes to mainstream design. We’ve been seeing a steady growth of such products in the market in 2016 and we predict a full on boom in the coming year.

The key here is to keep the product clean and not have the metallic aspect of it being too overbearing. All you need is one such product to add a whole lot of glam to your home decor.


2. Geometric Shapes


(Buy this geometric style carpet from UrbanLadder)

The design world saw a huge wave of geometric elements last year and it’s slowly starting to trickle into home decor too. From lights to cushion covers, geometric shapes are all set to find their way into the mainstream interior design markets in 2017.


3. Green Lovin’


(Read up more about the colour on Pantone)

It was recently announced that Pantone colour of the year for 2017 is Greenary. We predict seeing the colour in a whole lot of home decor trends for 2017, be it in small accents or a bold wall colour.


4. Bolder Furniture


(Buy this eclectic blue printed sofa from Zufolo)

Traditionally in Indian homes, furniture pieces have been simple. The sofa set, the dining table, they’ve all been a safe buy, design wise. It’s the accessories where one got creative. But slowly, the Indian consumers are changing. We’ve been seeing bolder colours, eye popping patterns and unique styles in the market when it comes to furniture. We see this shift growing massively when it comes to home decor trends for 2017.


5. Distressed Darlings


(Buy this vintage,distressed cupboard from FabFurnish)

If you’re an avid Pinterest user, you’ve probably been following the distressed trend for a while now. It isn’t new, but in India we had hardly seen much of it except in high end decor boutiques and stores. But all that is changing now with distressed furniture making it’s way into affordable and mainstream marketplaces too.


6. Indoor Plants


(Source: ydbyfz)

With balconies and open spaces at homes getting smaller, indoor plants are have slowly been creeping in. We’ve been seeing a growth in a whole lot of cute ideas to bring the greenery inside homes and we see this going big when it comes to home decor trends for 2017.


7. Dark Hues Of Blue


(Source: Sara Tuttle Interiors)

It isn’t just the Pantone colour of the year that’s going to find it’s way into home decor trends for 2017. People are warming up to the blue too! Shades and hues on the darker side of the palette have found love among a whole lot of people when it comes to interior design for the homes. In fact, according to Pinterest data, pins with navy blue home decor have seen a significant rise.


(Featured Image Source: SplendidWillow)

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