Festive Makeover with Colourful Cushion Ideas

Festivity and colours go together in India. As the festive season approaches give your home a fresh look simply by changing the cushions and by adding some too. Yes, cushions are items that catch attention and they make a dull room look colourful and lively. How? Here we tell you about the charisma of cushions.

Living room cushions

The living room is the first room that outsiders get to see and so it should be kept trendy and attractive. Give a new look to your living room with cushions that are bright coloured and patterned, cushions with zari works and embroidered cushions on your sofa. Keep cushions made of soft material like silk, cotton, linen, satin or polyester. This helps in creating the mood of your visitor and also speaks of your personality.

Cosy bed cushions

Yes, you can have cushions for your bed when you have a house full of guests. These make the bed look more inviting and interesting. These cushions should be very soft in their stuffing and in pastel coloured covers. These colours make the bed more relaxing and enjoyable.

Curling up with armchair cushions

Make sure there is no dearth of resting places in your house. You can easily accentuate the presence of the armchair with an inviting look with some attractive cushions. See that the cushions are soft in colour so that they give a luxurious feel. If you have a book lover amongst your guests you can offer the armchair to him/her.

Carpet and rug cushions

Needless to say these cushions lay strewn on your carpets and rugs making the floor attractive. These help you a lot when you have a space crunch. Making additional sleeping room for your guests with large cushions on rugs. As you are not able to provide a room, make the space more cosy and comfortable with cushions of various sizes having covers made of velvet and silk.

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