How to make Mid-week interesting

Believe me it’s a complete task to make your mid week interesting when you’re working in the finance department of an events company. But its last week that I actually tried making it interesting, less stressful etc. I think trying is the key to everything you make possible in your life. So I tried all of the below to make my week happening.


Okay, don’t hit me now. This is the first thing that I actually used as this is the most tried and tested, and approved of all the ways to make your week interesting. What I did is I made a list of movies I wanted to watch and got it in my well invested LG phone, then watched in the night when I couldn’t sleep. The movies I watched were Lootera and Ranjhanna, I must say I didn’t hate them.


OMG, I love this app. You can just go on exploring new remixes, songs, different artists all around the world. I finally have 5 sets of my own without going through the pains of downloading. And did you know if you buffer it once it stays on your phone even when your data is off. WOOhoo… awesome.. Listening to Work Bitch by Britney right now !


Check out new food websites and check for very easy recipes online and make them for your family and friends on Thursday or Wednesday when your kitchen is not over rated for some fabulous chicken or mutton dish to come out. I am so going to try the Rosogulla recipe on WSL by Bhakti seems so easy.

Try something new

Life is about trying new things every now and then. If you like something for example new restaurants in town, new play, new store so many things you can try and review. Common don’t be an oldie go to new places try them and you’ll know if you really love them or hate ‘em.

I think that weekends are way too hyped and people expect way too much from the simple Saturday and Sunday. Personally I used to love weekends too but it’s the crowd, over priced movie tickets that made me explore the things we can do during the weekdays. Guess something’s are extremely easy but hyped up by the people around us.

What do you think?

Written by Lalana Suvarna

Lalana suvarna is a commerce professional, her interests include reading, eating and writing.

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