Chhavi Mittal’s Open Letter To All Pregnant Moms

Experiencing motherhood is undoubtedly is very beautiful phase of a woman’s life. Infact, pregnancy in itself is an amazing feeling as nurturing a life within oneself is a big deal!

SIT’s founder Chhavi Mittal is currently making the most of her pregnancy experience. She has been vocal about her own experience and is often seen on Instagram encouraging other moms-to-be.

Being an active Instagrammer, Chhavi took to her a Instagram recently to share a beautiful selfie of herself along with an open letter to all the to-be-moms.
Chavvi wrote in her post-

That special time when everybody around you should make you feel special… Love you, pamper you… You’re carrying another life inside you, bearing discomfort … Immense discomfort, physical restrictions, eating restrictions, socialising restrictions and whatnot …. And working women who are putting this added physical as well as emotional pressure on yourselves, take a minute and pat yourselves on the back! Coz your own pat is the most important. Coz that’s what’ll make you smile and make you proud .. like I feel today. I feel proud of myself when my baby kicks my insides hard, when I can’t sleep in the nights because of one leg going numb, because I find simple things like tossing and turning and walking so difficult! And I feel proud of myself when inspite of all that I continue with my daily responsibilities with a smile on my face.
So my dear pregnant woman, take a breather and feel proud of all that you do, all that you’re currently doing …
And if there is anybody who is ill-treating you or hurting you or making you feel any less special than you deserve to be … Now is the time to let them go from your life forever .. coz apart from all that Pregnancy is, it is also a test for all others around you… A deciding test whether they love you and deserve you or not!
Cheers to a happy present and a happier future with a happier, stronger you!

Chhavi is due on May 2019 and speaking about her second pregnancy, the actress had shared with TOI,

“One can never be too prepared. No two pregnancies and babies are the same. During my first pregnancy, I had the liberty to quit my show and rest it out. However, this time around, I already have too much on my plate — my elder daughter and business. So, I haven’t got the time to sit back and enjoy this phase.”

What do you think?

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