Celebrating Indian women on Independence Day

This Independence Day, we salute women who are doing exceptionally well in various fields across the country. Here are the stories of success of contemporary Indian women.

Sudha Murthy

As the Director of Infosys Foundation, she has brought about some excellent initiatives in rural development, primary healthcare and education. She is also an author and a social worker by profession. The wife of Narayan Murthy, she has been known to be more than just her husband’s wife for a long time now. Her story is indeed one to be read; from giving her husband the seed capital for his venture that would change the face of IT in India in a few short decades, to helping the lives of so many through charity and development work as the Director of Infosys foundation.

Neha Kirpal

It’s all good business, and so much more. The ‘India Art Fair’ has lived up to the dream visualized by this entrepreneur, to put India on the map of Art. In its fifth year, this year, the India Art fair has become South Asia’s leading Art fair, with participation from 24 countries and 104 galleries showcasing 1000 artists from India and other parts of the country.In 2008, when Neha was returning to India from England, the nonexistent art scenario in India made her take up the mammoth task of creating the India Art Summit to showcase Indian art and its talents, which was rechristened to India Art Fair.

Zia Mody

AZB Partners is one of the leading firms in India in corporate law today. It was started by Zia Mody, its current managing partner. With a Masters degree in Law from Harvard and working in the best law firms in New York, Baker and Mckenzie, she is one of India’s foremost corporate attorneys and decided to start her own practice in the year 1984. Today AZB Partners has offices in different parts of the country and works with a team of more than 200 legal professionals.She received the Economic Times Award for Corporate Excellence in 2010, and voted as one of the most successful CEO’s as well as Business Women in many magazines.

Chitra Ramakrishna

Talk about a woman heading a testosterone driven wing of the Indian Government. The National Stock Exchange of India, ranked 11th in the world has been running with the reins of Chitra Ramakrishna from April 2013 when she was appointed as the CEO of NSE. She has been part of the NSE since its inception as was part of a small team of people hand-picked to create the blueprint for the Securities Exchange Board of India. And now she is one of the only 3 women who are heading stock exchanges among the top 20 in the world.

Schauna Chauan Saluja

Parle Ago has come a long way in inventing popular brands in the market and seeing them through their successes. The CEO of Parle Agro, Schauna Chauhan has taken the brand many places, opening up to exports in many countries and making Parle Agro products an everyday item for the Indian consumer. She has been associated with the business since the age of 21 and come a long way in contributing to the successes of her firm.

Naina Lal Kidwai

Investment banker par excellence. She is the one person who is the president of FICCI, part of the Advisory board of the Auditor and Comptroller General of India and Chairman of HSBC Asset Management Private Limited and HSBC Invest Direct India Limited. She is Naina Lal Kidwai, known to be one of India’s best women in the banking sector. She received the Padma Shri award for contributing to the trade and industry of the country.

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