Quick fixes for flawless beauty

There are some common problems we all have in our lives, they make us look worse at times, so quick remedies are something we all would love to have in our busy lives to look as beautiful as fresh lilies on some occasions like a date, a business meeting, friend’s wedding, birthday bash and the liets goes on..
Here are some more quick fixes shared..

Number 1. Bad cold, sneezing issue, blocked tomato red short your nose has gone all red due to constant rubbing of tissue papers on it along with a lot of blockage in it. As if God was’nt happy with only this and your fate had a date or serious meeting at your office in store for you and you have to look fresh too!

Quick fix: Steam is an age old remedy for cold and and skin relaxation. Use steam and then cold towel instantly to improve blood circulation to hide the redness. This is a very old hot and cold therapy followed religiously by people with red nose due to cold problem.
You can apply a face toner to improve the skin around the area.
By this time the redness must go away but if it still persists, apply a corrector or a concealer to hide it. You must keep in mind that you have to apply oil based foundations and pensticks concealers as they are generally water proof and do not fade while rubbed with tissue paper as easily as water based foundations. Also, dab some loose face power to fix the foundation then and there and make it last for longer time.
Carry a compact for the day so that you can touch up if needed.

Number 2. You have been partying and drinking the whole night and in the morning you get the shock of your life..puffy stoopy watery eyes. These generally become a problem only if you have a formal presentation or meeting that very day.

Quick fix: Cold water therapy works the best in such situations. You can use ice chilled cold water, add a few drops of mint juice or rose water to the water and massage it on your eyes to relax your nerves and reduce the puffyness.

This would reduce the puffiness but still you will have to put on some make up. To completely hide the puffiness, you can use dark metallic colours like black, brown or grey eye shadows. Also apply kajal, as thick as possible to highlight the eyes. The finishing has to be done by applying winged eye liner that would give a streched affect to your eyes and completely hide the swelling making them look bright.
This look is a formal look too and it would work well in office too.

Number 3. You have been working the whole day running around in office dealing with sweat. Harsh sun and wind have acted like an icing on the cake during the busy day. You have a party to attend at night and even after shampooing you hair, it looks drab, lifeless and dry.

Quick fix: The first thing to be done is to comb your hair backwards over and over again with a brush with round bristles. This polishes the hair and adds shine to it.
If the near to end hair still look dry then you can quickly dab some olive oil to give your hair pleasant shine.
If the above does not work then take a cup of water, add a few drops of vinegar or lemon juice in it and spray it on your hair. It will give your hair an instant shine and turn the lifeless looking hair into a lovely mane.

Note: Do not use a hair dryer, it will make your hair look more dry and make the look worse.

Number 4. While threading and removing your extra growth around your eyebrows, the salon girl has overplucked the hair line and now your eye brows look ultra thin and fake.

Quick fix: It is a myth that using a blunt eye brow pencil to draw a brow would give you natural effect whereas it actually makes your look more messy and fake. Instead of anything else, you can use a normal kajal pencil or an eye liner pencil and draw a light arched line along with your natural brow line. This would neatly redo the shape and later you can smudge it a bit with bare fingers or normal cotton bud to make it look natural and thick.

So, this is it for now, I will be finding and solving some more common issues, till then, enjoy life and leave the after effects to be solved next morning using some great quick fixes!

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