Boost your self esteem to lead a fulfilled life

Life is tough when you don’t know where you stand. The more you feel deprived and trampled the more you slip into depression, thereby, bringing about doom upon yourself. Self esteem means to love oneself for what he or she is. The mantra is to value yourself just as you are. Everyone has his or her individuality. They just seem ignorant about where their qualities lie. Here are some ways to discover the hidden powers that lie inside you untapped.

Make a list of your achievements and mistakes.

You will gradually see that your mistakes were merely stepping stones which have led to your achievements. That means you have learnt from your mistakes. Our mistakes are phases we learn from and that is one important reason why we should never be ashamed of our mistakes.

Being honest and true to yourself

This will help you see the fruits of your hard work. It gives you a sense of confidence and helps you take any challenge. Be sincere in whatever you and remember, sincerity is a rare quality now seen in people. Love yourself for being brave enough to take up a challenge.

Never compare yourself with other people

You are the result of a single sperm which has succeeded in the race of life. Your journey starts from there. Remember, you are a unique individual born with unique capabilities. Taking challenges is one way of exploring your strengths.

Be grateful and things will start changing in your surrounding

You must have heard of the saying – you get back what you give to the world. Being grateful is counted as a strength of one’s personality. The practice of being grateful draws people’s attention and you can gradually see the magic of life unfold.

Enrich your mind by reading

Books are friends that give you ideas about life. The more you read the more you understand the priorities of life and you tend to focus more on the important aspects.

Celebrate your success

However small your success may be, celebrate it. It is like sending a message to that world that says – ‘Yes, I can do it!’ Celebrate success with friends and relatives whom you value and who in return value your existence. Leave alone the jealous and phoney ones. This also shows the world that you care less about what people think about you.

Pamper yourself by getting a spa treatment or getting a makeover done

Enjoy the feeling of being fresh, young and beautiful. Enjoy the praise in the eyes of the world.
Spend more time uplifting and supportive people. They help you know your real worth. Give up mixing with people who are superficial and not bothered to enrich their thoughts and mend their ways of life.

These are simple ways which can bring about a positive change in your life. But whatever you do, whichever step you take, you should first learn to love yourself and love what you are doing.

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Written by Ranja

A book editor and a content writer, my first love has always been to write. I'm also a romantic at heart and love dwelling in my own world of imagination.

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