5 Facts of Men that Woman Didn’t Know

Since the evolution of concept Men are from Mars and Women are from Venus, many women blame this logic for an indecisive argument in their relation. Based on the logistics and numerology and other aspects of universe, women have the tendency to attach strings and try making sense of signs or omens in the relation. But has anyone thought why men don’t do that? The answer is simple, men are insensitive, they don’t like to rack brains on relations, and men don’t have emotions, so on and so forth.

All the above arguments and logistics mentioned above are major pointers from a women’s feeling, women’s thinking and not be men. Ask any men about the relationship today; they would go to the last mile to make things work out. Researches talk about men being emotional and sensitive, just it is not on the showcase. Here are a few myth busting facts about men for our lovely ladies to ponder for a while and try taking a cue in their relation.

Myth 1: Men are not emotional

Since time, men have been portrayed as strong and conventional beings. Thus, in these times it is difficult for them to portray their emotions. But all women at one point must have seen the outpour of love, anger, jealousy, sensitivity in men in the form of father, brother, son, husband or friend. Talking to a few men, it has been seen that on any breakup men are more heartbroken and emotional than any girl. Out of five, three men give up the hope of love on their breakup.

Another factor that arises why men do not show their emotional side is because women are too emotion and they want to be comforted and pampered 70% of the time, so they have to be strong force to support the emotionally weak person.
So ladies, if you want your man to outpour his emotions to you, give him little space and show your strong emotion side that you would support him in case he breaks down.

Myth2: Men base their decision only on rational thinking.

In a relationship, women ponder quite often on a particular issue or a major decision starting from “what to wear and not to wear” or “am I fat”. Whereas men do not spend time thinking on such petty issues and rather look forward on how to live up the day or improve the relation. It is true that men today also ponder on their looks and visit mirror 10 times a day but practicality and longevity is what matters to them the most.
At times of taking decisions, many women must have faced that the man asks her to take decisions on some household or financial decisions. This is because women have the capacity to think more and produce more based on rational and irrational effects (pros and cons). Thus, based on the ideology the man supports his thinking related to the women’s physic.

Men usually think that women intuition is very powerful and her prayers are very strong to move the unlikely negativity.

Myth 3: Men only think about sex

Sex is a work of two people involved in an act of carnal desire. It is a bond not only of emotions but feelings to understand one another. In this act of love, men mostly longs for solidarity with their partner.

Men access or puts down their emotions on this activity of together as a proof of longevity or proof of love. In India sex as been mixed conceptualized this has created havoc in every women’s life. But it is the women to understand and reciprocate their emotions in accordance to the men’s priority.

Myth 4: Men don’t like talking

It is a myth that only women enjoy talking. But the truth is men these days do enjoy the gossip and long talks. But these talks not necessarily be romantic, it might contain various elements of his knowledge, debate, learning, understanding, etc.

Till time and date men have been lending their patient hearing to the non-stop gossip of women. But as the community grows together and evolves in life of both the partners, talking has become apparent. Many men in a research have commented that they prefer to talk to their wives or girlfriends after having sex or when they are relaxed. This is a way of them to share their emotions.

Myth 5: Men prefer homely or working women

Indian scenario of men is a confused state. Men no matter how ugly may be they prefer Miss Universe or Miss World. Blinded by the beauty, men often ignore the hidden talent or inner beauty of women. This is a sad aspect of men in India. But changing the views, education and worldly access has given respect to the goodness, kindness, caring, and intelligent aspect of women.

Mixed between tradition and modernism, many women confuse to form their character in the relation. Taking cues from the ladies of 70s, 80s and 90s the 21st century women have learned the state of art. A women is a substance of home, work and individuality. This statement has been comprised by men’s perspective on today’s ideal women. Thus, being oneself is the key man looks forward to.

What do you think?

Written by Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life

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