How Acupuncture Helps in losing weight

Acupuncture is one interesting way to get rid of the ugly folds of your body. The acupuncture points that are effective for weight loss are found in the ear. The areas that are targeted by the 5 needles punctured in both ear lobes are.

  1. The stomach – To treat an obese who cannot bring the nibbling habit under control.

  2. The mouth – For one who eats on impulse, smokes and drinks too.

  3. The lungs – For those who have a sweet tooth.

  4. Spleen – To treat imbalances related to sugar and hormones.

  5. Kidney – For hormonal imbalances, water retention and the nervous system.

  6. Thyroid – To treat the slow metabolism rate.

  7. Shenmen – For treating anxiety, loneliness and frustration.

  8. Ovary and adrenal – For treating weight that tales place due to menopause.

  9. Endocrine – To treat the body against the retention of the extra water that results in gain of weight.

Apart from these there are some changes in lifestyles that would complement the treatment of acupuncture. They are:

Nutritional counselling

The nutritionist is the best person who can offer the best diet routine that would suit the needs of the body. Various bodies have various kinds of requirements.

Stress reduction methods

Stress and anxiety are some of the various reasons in today’s modern world that result in gaining of weight. These can be fought by going some breathing exercises, meditation and yoga.

Aerobic classes

Aerobic classes can be taken as the exercises not only bring about weight loss but also keep the mind cheerful.

Obesity is now almost an epidemic. Awareness has made people conscious about treating obesity and bringing down their weight. There are various ways of losing weight. If you make up your mind, nothing is impossible.

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