7 Signs of Malnutrition in Women

Women possess a strong mind. But the protective nature of women often leads them to neglect their own health due to which some terrible signs of malnutrition become clearly visible. It is important to know what these signs are and to take necessary steps before it comes too late.


Feeling of tiredness and fatigue takes over when work keeps going and the muscles do not receive adequate nutrients like calcium. Lack of energy therefore becomes a prominent sign.Irritability Omega 3 fatty acids, vitamin B and magnesium control the energy level, brain function and positive mood. Lack of these nutrients naturally makes the individual irritable. This irritability often leads to depression.

Low blood pressure and dizziness

When the body deals with deficiency of fats and carbohydrates the blood sugar naturally falls. This brings the blood pressure down as well giving nagging headaches and a dizzy feeling.

Weight loss

Apart from the deficiency of minerals and vitamins, signs of malnutrition are also associated with deficiency of carbs and fats which brings about a drastic loss of weight.


This is commonly seen in women because they suffer from loss of iron due to the menstrual flow of blood. Lack of iron-rich foods will naturally lead to anemia and subsequently fatigue.

Missing periods

When the body suffers from lack of iron, its ways of survival is stopping the flow of the menstrual blood. This enables the body to save up calcium, iron and other nutrients.

Bruising easily

Bruises happen easily due to then weakening of the blood capillaries. Lack of foliate and vitamin K brings about this damage to the body.

These factors show how important it is for women to maintain proper food intake. It not only affects their physical health but their mental stability as well. This brings about low productivity and disrupts life around them. To enjoy life you need to eat. Keeping yourself healthy and happy is more important than anything else.

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