6 Common Foods Causing Insomnia

Many of us have faced the trouble of going through sleepless nights. To add to stress there are some foods too that cause insomnia. Let us be aware about these foods are and try to stay as much possible away from them.


Foods rich in caffeine cause insomnia. It is, therefore, better to have them before 2 pm so that their effect can wear off before your bedtime.
Dairy products: Food produced from milk like cheese, chocolate, curd, butter and fat milk take considerable tome for digestion. This causes heartburn and leaves you feeling heavy as well. Try to avoid milk products in the evening.

High protein foods

Foods rich in protein like meat cause insomnia as their digestion takes time.
Alcohol and smoking: Alcohol has the notorious quality of causing you to stay awake. It disturbs the level of serotonin in the blood and this keeps you from falling asleep.

Sugar containing products

Products like cakes and pastries that contain good amount of sugar keep your energy level high. So avoid the desserts and pasties at the end of a sumptuous dinner.

Spicy fast foods

These foods are high in fat content and spices. They keep from feeling tired and falling asleep.
These are food items that we often come across either in a party or at some friend’s place. If you are planning for a late night study or work it would be better to stay away from these foods after evening. Late nights are considered not good for health and so it advisable to gorge on these foods during daytime and stay on a light dinner for a wonderful sleep.

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