5 Best Ways To Celebrate Valentine’s Day For Singletons

Valentine’s Day is just around the corner. But being single doesn’t mean you can’t celebrate. Valentine’s day is after all the day of love, so spread the love rather than brooding over a past breakup or burning your ex-boyfriend’s photos. In fact, it is the perfect day to rekindle the spirit of love and hope for a better tomorrow.

So why not throw away that bitter singleton cloak you might have been wearing and celebrate this day. Also for all you independent, smart beauties out there who don’t mind being single, we’ve come up with great ideas to treat the 14th of February, not only as a day to glorify romance but also as a day to celebrate love- for yourself, friends, family and everyone around you. Go ahead and paint the town red this Valentine’s day, after all, you are single and free. Make the most of this time by falling in love with yourself! So, while those lovey-dovey couples enjoy their dates, here are few interesting ways singles too can have a blast on this day of love.

#1 Pamper Yourself

Valentine’s day is all about celebrating love, so it makes perfect sense to spend the day pampering yourself first. Take the day off work or leave early and do as your heart desires. Make full use of your singleton status and spend the time relaxing.

Get a lavish massage or indulge in spa therapy to treat your senses to opulence and care. While you are at it, get bold and notch up your style statement a tad by getting yourself that new hair colour/cut that you have been thinking about for so long.

#2 Be Extravagant

You are single with very few responsibilities, so splurging on yourself now and then will not hurt. To match the excitement of the day, go out shopping this Valentine’s Day. Buy the gorgeous dress you saw the other day or the new laptop you wanted for so long. The best part of being single is that you can buy and wear whatever you like, and not a soul can say anything about it. Without worrying about a partner to judge you for extravagance, you can even drop the big dough on the designer wear you like or better still treat yourself to some beautiful jewellery.

It’s often said that diamonds are a girl’s best friend, so why not check out some gorgeous diamond jewellery designs online and gift yourself glittering diamonds this Valentine’s Day. To make it easier for you, we browsed some jewellery designs and found these eye-catching diamond earrings at sites like CaratLane, perfect enough to make you feel special on this day of love.

Entice Ring

#3 Girls’ Night Out

So, what if it’s Valentine’s Day and you are single? Be proactive, and make some plans with your other single friends. Get together with your gang of friends and plan something fun. Plan a sleepover, go out shopping, or catch the latest flick in theaters, afternoon luncheon, dinner or anything that you and our friends will enjoy doing. With your soul-tribe, not a single moment is dull, and it will probably turn out to be one of the best Valentine’s Days you had till date. So go ahead invite your friends over to celebrate being single and fabulous.

#4 Eat out Somewhere Fancy

It’s the day of love, and it’s the best time to celebrate with someone you love. So what if you don’t have a significant other as yet? Celebrate somewhere fancy with someone you adore or love, like a close friend or a family member. Go out fine dining for an upscale meal this Valentine’s day with your loved ones. If you are still not done mourning over past romance, then establish a ground rule ahead of the time: that your past love life will not be on the table for discussion. Make your Valentine’s Day a success by celebrating with your family or friends at one of those fancy restaurants, which offer not only a great meal but also an amazing experience.

#5 Celebrate the True Essence of Love

Do something different from the routine. Plan something for a good cause this 14th of February? We all think of doing something for those sections of people who are in need but get lazy or cannot find the time. While everyone enjoys, this special day going to the best places, eating out, drinking and so on, there are several who can only imagine or wish for such things. Celebrate the true essence of love by visiting an orphanage, or a nursing home, local NGO, or a center for special children, etc. and celebrate with them this Valentine’s day. You could get together with friends and organize a small party or get them gifts. Just a small act of love would mean the entire world to them, and the joy they feel will help you to experience the essence of true love on Valentine’s Day.

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