20 Keto Approved Recipes

Keto Diet is the latest buzz diet now a days. Want to know why? Keep reading ahead. Keto Diet is one of the few diets which targets on low carb and hit fat diet. Amazed Right?? Well yes it is. But having fat does not mean that you can consume anything. There is a strict list of items and recipes which are required to be followed in Keto diet. But before going straight to the recipes let’s have a look at the benefits of Keto Diet. You must be wondering that how eating fatty food items will help you to reduce weight. Well, with lower glucose content in your body fats will be used up in the activities and thus fats will get burned. Similarly less carbs intake will reduce your chances of sugar also.

Now, that you are satisfied and all geared up for the recipes let’s have a look at 20 best Keto approved recipes :

1.Coconut Oil Mayonnaise

This is the perfect product to have instead of the market available ones which are high in carb content also. You can make your very own mayonnaise with coconut and have them as long as you want.

2. Keto Bagles

These are different than your usual bagles. But this can be your regular keto approved breakfast. Try to have a bread less breakfast sandwich. Have a chicken sausage patties as the buns and your breakfast will be as delicious as possible.

3. Spinach Quiche

You will be amazed to know that Keto receipes also have quiche in them but of course it’s in the Keto version. Include ingredients like eggs, cheese and zero grains this can be the perfect brunch recipe.

4. Paleo Chicken Curry

It is a gluten free and dairy free diet which is perfect to be included in this list. With some basic ingredients like chicken, spinach, paleo you will be good to go.

5. Keto Nachos

This is filling enough to be included as mid time snack or even a meal. Have nachos dipped in meaty sauce and with your favourate topping of salsa and sour cream. Delicious right?

6. Gluten Free Mac and Cheese

Add cauliflower as the sole vegetable here. For milk you can have sheep or goat milk whichever you prefer. But actually it’s the cheese and kefir which makes the actual difference.

7. Cheddar Burgers

Rather than topping a burger stuff the burger with cheese, garlic and jalapeno. And then you can either grill or boil it to perfection. Trust me even the last bite will remain tasty.

8. Keto Ice Cream

Normally, the ice creams are too sweet in their taste. But in the Keto version of ice cream you can have popsicles sweetened with stevia which will not only curb your sweet tooth but also reduce some extra fat from your body.

9. Avocado Deviled Eggs

This is the perfect healthy nutritious and filling breakfast recipe. Here you get proteins in the form of egg and when it is in the deviled form then nothing better than that.

10. Chocolate Fat Bombs

Have you ever heard of a diet where you are allowed to have chocolates? Yes, you heard it right. you can have these chocolate fat bombs as your mid time snacks and it’s quite easy to make also. Just mix some butter, cocoa powder, cheese and any sweetener of your choice.

11. Chicken Pad Thai

A great way of adding chicken in your breakfast. Along with chicken it will also have crushed peanuts, ginger, tamari and chicken. This is a quite a filling breakfast and it will help to keep you full for a very long time.

12. Cinnamon Butter Bombs

This is one of the most quality and essential fat which you can add in your diet. Just add vanilla extract, cinnamon and sweetener to your favorite unflavored butter. You can add any other seasoning you want. And enjoy your very own customized cinnamon butter bombs.

13. Onion Soup

Have a new style of soup with onions. You can make it more nutritious by adding chicken and beef brone or any other animal fat of your choice. It can be made within seconds and is extremely nutritious and tasty also to have.

14. Keto Spinach and Juicy Chicken

One of the juiciest chicken which has rich delicious flavors and what more it is a keto approved diet. Make a thick creamy paste of spinach, garlic, mayo, cheese and artichokes. You can spread it on the chicken and then enjoy the juicy chicken as your meal.

15. Keto Grilled Chicken with Spinach Pizza

Do you want to see what is a keto approved Pizza? The keto approved pizza has a thin white sauce with crisp crust, juicy chicken and some fresh spinach on the top. This is such a healthy pizza to have at your weekends.

16. Portabella Sliders

How about having traditional burgers which have a low carbohydrate content in them? How about adding small patties into portbella mushroom buns. This is quite simple and easy to make and can be made on the gas pan or the stove.

17. Easy Chocolate Mousse

This can be the perfect late night cravings food item. This is a secret keto approved recipe which has lots of cheese in it. You can have any of your favourate topping over the mousse and then enjoy the desert.

18. Cheese Taco Shells

Anything which has cheese in it is definitely tastier. You can insert veggies of your choice along with salad dressings and of course seasonings. These can be perfect filling for cheese taco shells. This is highly nutritious and filling which makes it one of the most preferable choice.

19. Keto Approved Buns

These are really different from the traditional buns that is available in the market. The dough is made using a stick blender which makes the bun fluffy and this makes the bun much more tastier. Also, make sure that you top them with your favorite cheese and meat products so that you get the best out of the bun.

20. Blueberry Muffins

These are a pain to make but the taste is totally worth the entire pain. These muffins are made with coconut flour, butter, cheese cream and blueberries. They are gluten free and even after so many added products the taste will be quite healthy and light.

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