10 Pee Etiquettes You Must Remember

Our country lacks tremendously when it comes to etiquettes and manners. And in a population of over 10 millions which etiquee we lack most will be definitely difficult to answer but still upon little pondering you know the answer is pee etiquettes. Yes, this is something in which even the educated ones need some awareness.

And when you beloved Prime Minister has come up with Swacch Bharat Abhiyaan then you should begin with the smallest space you know. We all know and have been taught since our toddler age that toilets should always be kept clean and how to maintain your own personal hygiene. But sadly we all fail in that department.

Thus, here let us give you a quick recap because babies are taught but adults are just given a recap –

1.Check Properly

First and foremost when you enter the pee room you should check it properly and with a close glance. Remember this is the place where you can get your maximum infections and that too quite serious ones. Thus, before doing your share of cleanliness make sure no one else has left their belongings.

2. Silence Please

Another important point to remember is silence and least noise is always appreciated. And the rule goes same with the restroom also. it’s a very personal space and time and keep it to yourself only. Don’t let the world around you to hear your share of stories.

3. Give Some time

We all know we are extremely buzy in our day to day rat race but this is the time to relax and hold for a while. So, as soon as your pee stops don’t rush outside. Sit for a while and let the residue also flow. And then finally get up. You should always remember that your private area should be clean and dry as much as possible. Thus, let the entire liquid pass and then wipe the private area with tissue. Make sure that before leaving your private area should be dry otherwise this will cause infections.

4. Carry Sanitizer and wet tissues

It might be the case that maximum public toilets will not have tissues or worse water. Thus, carry a sanitizer and wet tissues to help yourself. You need to wash your hands and dry it also.

5. Avoid Public Hand Dryers

Try to avoid public hand dryers. Public toilets are the place where you have maximum bacteria and they thrive in semi wet environment. And when you put your hands in front of the dryer then the entire bacteria and infection gets into your hands. So, the best part is to use tissues to wipe and dry your hands completely.

6. Don’t Gossip

Now, you will feel that this is more of a corporate culture. But restrooms are not the place to gossip. They only exist to relieve yourself and then move out and make space for others.

7. Make it Quick

While restrooms are perfect place if you want a quick nap in close offices and also to take a quick look at your social life through phone but there might be people waiting outside and they also might need it urgently. So, make your way out of the washroom soon.

8. Keep your Phone carefully

Many of us use loo breaks to check our phone. But what if you drop them accidentally. So, keep your phones safely during your loo visits.

9. Don’t Crowd the Pot

The pot is only made for wet liquid not for the paper waste. So, don’t crowd the pot with tissus and wrappers. Throw them in the bin where they are supposed to be thrown.

10. Make Space for others

And you must keep the toilet clean after you have used it. Check that any liquid, blood or even tissues are not left behind. Also, make sure that you flush properly and all your residues are washed out completely. If required then flush twice but keep the washroom as clean as you obtained it.

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What do you think?

Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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