11Reasons Why Virat Kohli Is A Hit With The Ladies

The vice captain of Indian Cricket Team is a run machine on the field, but off field too, he scores big with the ladies. We take a look at the reasons.

1.His On-Pitch, Controlled Aggression – He’s aggressive, yes, but he knows now where to draw the line. His aggression is mostly directed towards bringing out the best within himself and limited to the pitch only. A man who can keep his aggression in check and can use it to bring out the best in him, score!virat kohli and anushka sharma

2. His Dedication – Any man, who’s dedicated to whatever he’s doing, is attractive. Period.

3. Not Afraid To Show His Love – The man doesn’t shy away from acknowledging is girlfriend and blowing kisses to her after a century. Which lady wouldn’t like that?Virat Kohli

4. He Knows How To Have Fun – Work hard, party harder seems to be his motto and we’re pretty sure there are very few dull moments around him.

5. Chilled Out – After a certain age, no one likes any extra drama, and Virat Kohli seems to be on point on that front.

6. Can Let Go of Fights – We’re reminded of the IPL match when he had an intense fight with Gautam Gambhir. But once the match was done, bygones were bygones and he even said that he’s probably going grab a beer with Gautam.

7. Confident – Confidence takes up a man’s sex appeal on a lot of levels. And Virat scores really high on the confidence meter.Virat Kohli

8. Doesn’t Lose Focus – Virat Kohli is focused and knows his priorities well and that’s a quality any woman would want in her man.

9. Cleans Up Well – The vice captain of the Indian cricket team not only dresses according to the situation, but acts it too!

10. He’s Getting Hotter With Age – Compare him to what he looked 5 years back and you’ll realize Virat Kohli has become a lot hotter and he’s only getting hotter by the day! He’s only 26, he’s got a long way to go, and we’re totally looking forward to it!

BONUS POINT: The most obvious point – the guy is a legendary cricketer! Do we even need to say more?

What do you think?

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