11 Exciting Tips to Wear White to Impress

Glimpses of white can found in a every Girl’s Wardrobe in forms of shirt, skirt, dress or trouser or any dressing element. In the dazzling day or evening a little fun white in style adds glow to your skin. Here is the White Style Guide to take clues from.

White Shirt

A classic white shirt is unbeatable to any other colour in every season. Tucked in with pencil skirt for formal look or let loose hanging over a pair of denims white shirts have their own glamour.

Jeans and white shirt is a unisex style. It is known as a uniform for summer. Brad Pitt, Abhishek Bacchan, Aishwarya Rai, have been caught in flaunting this style trend. This style statement can be topped with coloured beads or glamorous pair of sunglasses.

  • Beach Shirt – On beach holidays many flaunt the classic white shirt hanging on their shoulder which is teamed with a pair of shorts. Genelia D’souza Deshmukh, Cameron Diaz, Priyanka Chopra have tried and set in trend.
  • White Blouse – Classy and vintage are the words for white blouse paired with either a skirt, trouser or added glamour to a dress. A periodic drama is foretold with a white blouse. Kate Winslet, Dia Mirza, Sonam Kapoor, Isha Kopikar have posed in style.

White Coat

Linen white coats have been seen mostly in men’s wardrobe but today in the corporate world ladies too have incorporated the stated style. Sarah Jessica Parker, Kajol make it a style statement for summer lunches or brunches.

  • Trench Coats – Styled in typical feminine comfort to make one look elegant and strong persona. To kill someone with this look, wear a floral or pastel coloured dress, slip on stilettos, let your hair down and finally put on the diva sunglasses. An office lunch or formal dinner, this look kills all.
  • White jackets – roll up the sleeves and let loose the shirt underneath hang out. The untidy, cowboy look is open for Sunday brunch.

White Pants

White pants is a classic style statement! It raves compliments but also a slight spill of coffee ruins it forever. Here are some style trends of white pants. Sonam Kapoor, Malika Arora Khan, Julia Roberts, Zeenat Aman have been connoisseurs of wearing white pants. To do justice to this style, this outfit is to be worn right.

  • Cotton Pants – These are the most comfortable outfit for all time. Team up white cotton pants with a pastel colors blouse or loose shirt.
  • Parallel Pants – Zeenat Aman flaunted this style in the movie Yaadon Ki Barat. This pant has called for many compliments.
  • White Jeans – the 60s look or so called sailor look is the best of all season. Mostly flaunted by the people residing near the sea coast.

Tip : on wearing white make sure the undergarments are of right colour. White undergarments glow under white, so try selecting nude or cream or off white colours.

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Written by Madhurima

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