5 Reasons To Love Being a Woman!

In the spirit of the celebrations of woman’s day last week, I thought it would be great to delve into the idea that why we should love being who we are – women. Apart from the more fun reasons like getting seats in public transport and wearing men’s clothes, there are many things we should be thankful for. In retrospect, I have narrowed down 5 such reasons:

The gift of child birth

I’m sure we are quite aware of the fact that we have the gift of nurturing and bringing life into this world today is the day to love and cherish this aspect of ourselves. But we seldom think about it, or thank nature for its grave significance. We are indeed the fortunate beings who are so intimately linked to the creation of life. Our body is attuned to accommodate a child and nurture it till it is able to survive in the world. And we must be proud of it.Enjoy the nature

The gift of tolerance

Women have higher levels of biological, mental and emotional tolerance as compared to their male counterparts, in most situations. This may be a sociological condition since we are built to tolerate pain in high frequencies during child birth but tolerance comes to us naturally. Many movies and stories often indicate the resilience of woman in crisis and the way they can tolerate grief, suffering and physical pain to a great extent. Even in Indian literature, both ancient and contemporary exemplifies the tolerance of woman and the many sacrifices they endure in life. For example Sita, Mother Mary, etc

The gift of emotions

Although it is seen by many a sign of weakness, especially because of the structures and conventions of our society, but a healthy way of expressing our emotions should be something to be proud of. Unfortunately for men, social convention dictates that they cannot express their feelings clearly and often end up keeping their emotions in check and repressing them. At the same time, society encourages woman to be emotional and explicitly so. So why not enjoy it, after all isn’t crying is after all an emotional de-toxing system for the body?

The gift of communication

It is no wonder that they say the Google search tab is a woman. Jokes apart, it is in the nature of a woman to guess what’s wrong and talk about it in a more upfront manner. Woman are gifted with the ability of effective communication and tact that can be used at the workplace and at home to help with conflict resolution, boosting team trust and moral and encouraging people to speak their mind. Woman leaders are supposed to be well respected and loved for the same reason, that their communication ability gets them greater trust and solidarity from their subordinates.

The gift of beauty

The human race is one of the very species on planet earth where the female is considered to be the attractive one in comparison to the male. For most other animals and birds, the case is the opposite. Brighter, more colorful feathers among the male species of birds, and distinct characteristics in their animal counterparts usually make them more attractive than their females. The human female on the other hand is considered to be the epitome of beauty. And there is nothing poetic about it. The human female form has been created in a way that all the curves and shapes are immensely attractive. So let’s forget all the negatives of being the coveted species for a second, and enjoy the beauty nature has bestowed upon us.

There is so much more to be happy about, and we seldom realize it. So cheers to all woman for the wonderful fact that we are who we are, and proud to be so!

What do you think?

Written by N D'cruz

The madness comes with the writing, in the writing' according to this author.

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