11 Easy Ways to Lose Weight While You Do Your Daily Chores

There is nothing like feeling light and healthy. For that you need to put in some effort. But a demanding career makes it a challenge for you to maintain a fitness regime. So what do you do? Do you know that your home is a wonderful place to relax as well as to work out? Let us see how you can keep your body fit while putter round the house.

Get rid of remote

Thanks to technology for making life easier. But it also responsible for making the lazy even lazier. So while you are watching the television get rid of the remote control and lift your body (even if you don’t like it) up to change the channels and the sound volume. Initially you won’t like it but once you get into the habit it won’t feel like much of a trouble.

Get entertained while you work out.

You can watch the television or listen to music while to work out on the treadmill or a stationary bike. Working out won’t feel tedious once you start enjoying. You can also jog in one place while watching the television.

Floor Workout

Try some abdominal exercises that you can do on the floor on a yoga mat. These exercises are often taught in school in the physical activity classes. Or, you can also take a look at the exercise video on and see which one you are comfortable to do.

Work faster

Try to work While you are working with your dish washer or washing machine. Keep a straight posture and tighten your abs so that the abdominal muscles are put under pressure.

Scrubbing and Sweeping

Other household chores that help you lose weight are scrubbing the sinks and toilets, sweeping the floors, fixing the windows and dusting. These activities help you keep your house and you too in good shape. While engaged in these activities your joints get some movement and the swift moves make your body more flexible.

Playing with kids

Parents with kids can easily lose weight by playing with their kids and running behind them. Children are full of energy and spending time with them not only creates a strong bond but also helps you remain fit and healthy.

Walking is great

Walking is another good way of losing weight. You can walk either early in the morning or in the evening.

Weight lifting at home

You can try weight lifting at home first with lighter objects like pea cans and then you start go up to heavier items like laundry detergent bottles, water jugs or even milk jugs.

Use the stairs

Use the stairs in the house to do the step exercises. Repetitions of the step exercises tones up the muscles of the legs and thigh.

Squat Exercise

Sit and then stand up from a regular chair is one of the wonderful squat exercises that tone up the buttocks and legs. Even if you find it difficult a few repetitions will prove beneficial for the body.

Dance to be fit

Dance to be fit. Dancing is regarded to be a good exercise for the heart and the mind. It keeps you stress free and in good spirits.

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