Valentine’s Day Ideas For Couples In Long Distance Relationships

Valentine’s Day is a time most couples go all out to celebrate their love, and why not? But for those couples who are separated by miles, it can be a little bit of a bummer. No romantic dinners, no fun cuddles, nothing! But with a little bit of effort, long distance relationship couples too, can do a whole lot on this day. Here’s a whole list!

1. Surprise Meal


Surprise order a complete epic meal for one another! The SO shouldn’t know what you’ve ordered for him/her.


2. Love Mails Throughout The Day

Write 14 in depth love emails to each other throughout the course of the day. Write about why you love him/her, the best times you two have had, the things you love about him/her and your deepest feelings! Go all out!


3. A Proper Virtual Date

Do a proper video call dinner date. Go the whole way with music, dim lights and dressing up.

skype date

4. Movie Night

There are several sites and software that lets 2 individuals watch movies online together.


5. Cute & Silly Quizzes

Mail each other funny quizzes about yourself, your relationship, your time together, etc!


6. Shop Till You Drop… On A Budget

Pick a budget and shop for one another within that budget. The idea is to buy as many things as possible within that budget.



7. Become Writers & Get Lost In A Fantasy World

Write a fictional story with you two in it over the day and mail it to each other at the end.


8. Pick Up The Paintbrushes

Draw each other and mail it to your other halves!


9. DIY For Your Lovely

Spend the day doing a DIY for your SO and mail it to him or her. Here’s a super cute one Youtuber Scherezade Shroff did!


10. A DIY Competition

Choose a DIY that you both do over video call. Let it be a silly little competition that has you both laughing and having fun!


11. Listicle For Your SO

Mail each the ‘Top 10 Moments’ you’ve had with one another.


12.Virtual Game Night

Pick a game and play it online together.

What do you think?

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