Top 5 Spooky Ideas for Halloween Party

Set the lights dim, cut out the pumpkin, wear the scarecrow costume and it is time for Halloween hallelujah! Call the hellbenders and ghosts from other world of spirits and play the Trick O Treat with your friends with the following spooky ideasHalloween Party

Halloween Pops

To make these edible scary looking treats for your friends, all you need is small pita bread, flavoured cream cheese or humus and some veggies like carrots, spring onions, olives, cauliflower or any other edible vegetable of your choice. Cut put smilies out of carrot, hair of spring onion or carrot stick, brain of cauliflower and eyes of olives.

Mummy Face

Scare the hell out of your friends with a new get up. Chuck all the nice face packs for later use with mummy costume. All you need is face paints, makeup brush, sponge and first aid gauge. To start begin applying a base of white face paint and then with a damp sponge and dip it in black face paint and lightly pat the white undercoat to create a dappled gray complexion. Now, using the paintbrush, dip in green paint and paint over the eyes and lips. To make scars use red paint and create scratches. To finish the look wrap the gauge starting from the forehead to the chin and wrap. Just a matter of 30-45mintues and a Halloween look is ready for you.

Wall of the Past

Set up a wall space near the mantle with lots of candles and pictures people from the civil war or any historic black white portrait. To give the Halloween effect, spread a net and at give a dim orangish backlight. This wall shall bring out the stories of the past and bring back the dead.

Trick O Treat Station

Set up a table with multiple boxes or turned over covered glasses. Under some boxes or glasses place candies, cookies or muffins and under some boxes do not place anything. Decorate the place with pumpkins, and apply a theme like graveyard with cross, skeletons, pumpkins, trees, etc.

What’s Your Poison

Drink with the devil this Halloween and go tippsy-toodle with Almond Joy Martini. This drink made of chocolate vodka, hazelnut liqueur and coconut rum tastes like an almond candy bar. More than just high, it is a sugar rush. Other drinks to try are Black Devils Martini, Blood Sucker Cocktail and Liquefied Ghost Cocktail.

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