5 Most Romantic Movies to Watch With Your Partner This Valentines Day

This valentine’s day snuggle up with your partner with food, drinks, blanket and bunch of romantic movies to enjoy together. Here are some of the top Valentine’s day movies that you two lovebirds can sit back and enjoy.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-orange” ]PS I Love You[/highlight]

One of the most romantic love stories of the time. This movie makes you smile, fall in love, go crazy and cry. It is a movie to bond your love and find your own love story.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Titanic[/highlight]

One of the most real life love stories between a sophisticated Rose and a roadside painter named Jack. This movie defines love which is not bounded by class, money, reality, life. It is an endless feeling for someone deep who stays forever stored in heart.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-orange” ]You’ve Got Mail[/highlight]

Has it ever happened that you got a crush on someone, who you used to hate previously? The charming Tom Hanks and beautiful Meg Ryan plays two business rivals, falling in love with each other over exchange of discreet mails

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-green” ]Dil Hai Ki Manta Nahi[/highlight]

A journey to fall in love. An ambitious man, a spoilt brat get on a journey to find love with work and man respectively, while discovering themselves, what is love. It is a must watch for lovers who would like to go on a journey of a lifetime with their precious love.

[highlight highlightColor=”highlight-orange” ]Notting Hill[/highlight]

This is an evergreen movie that you can watch with your partner at any given point of time. Vivacious Julia Roberts and Handsome Hugh Grant make the best pair in the film. This is one movie we all have grown up watching.

Also do check out Jab We Met, Mughal-e-Azam, Casablanca, Pretty Woman, Valentines Day, 50 First Dates, He’s Just Not That Into You, and Hitch to name a few.

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Written by Madhurima

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