Putting Together A Quick Last Minute Diwali Party!

We’re a day away from welcoming the weekend before Diwali and if you have just realized that you have absolutely no time or energy (in the middle of all the Diwali shopping, cleaning and more) to put together a party, we bring you simple ideas to help you plan and throw a super convenient one:

It’s All About The Timing

Hosting a party at lunch or dinner time automatically means extensive effort. If you’re hosting a party around a main meal of the day, you need to work hard to make that main meal party worthy. And that’s why, one of the ways to work around this, is to avoid lunch or dinner time all together for your party. Have an ‘hi-tea’ around 5 in the evening where all you really need to do is arrange some tea and snacks. If that is not your thing, have a post dinner desserts party where all you really need to do is arrange 5-6 desserts for your guests.Diwali-Desserts

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The Food

Keeping the food simple is key here. Go for dishes that can be heated at once and are easy to eat. Try and avoid things like rotis, naans, puris or bhatures since they are best consumed hot which means you need someone in the kitchen at all times while your guests eat. Instead, opt for dishes like biryani, pasta, etc which are easy to serve. You can also set up a DIY chaat table where guests can make chaats according to their preference and by themselves, thus reducing your efforts. Also, there are several things like ‘Thai Curry pastes’ available in the market which drastically reduce cooking time and effort. Do not be hesitant to opt for such products.Diwali-Snacks

The Drinks

If you’re planning to keep drinks, stick to a limited menu of cocktails or just beer and wine. The moment you decide to keep a lot of mixes on the menu, your work increases, especially if you have not hired a bartender. If you’re looking to make cocktails that don’t really have fizzy drinks involved, (such as Sangria or Mimosas or cocktails with juices) you can even pre make and keep them in bottles so you aren’t running around to sort drinks during the party. You can even stick to one drink and keep various variations of it and make it a DIY Bar. Example: Mojito – Classic Mojito, Apple Mojito, Orange Mojito, etc.Diwali-Party-Drinks


The best way to do up a place on a small budget and timeline is simply decorating with fairy lights. They’re available in almost every shop today, big or small and the price range often starts as low as Rs.60. Simply hang them around the room and your job is done!Diwali-Lights


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