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Planning To Have Kids Later In Life? Here’s Why It Is Totally Okay!

Women don’t really have it easy when it comes to kids. More often than not, within just a couple of months into their marriage, they’re asked about the “good news” and god forbid if you don’t have a child two years into your marriage, you will be reminded of your ticking biological clock.

The pressure is often intense and more often than not, it does end up taking a toll on the women and even ends up changing their thinking.

But ladies, with modern medicine it has become far easier to conceive, even after what they call the “golden years” and here’s why you shouldn’t be afraid to delay taking the call.


1. You’re Not Ready Means You’re Not Ready

This is perhaps the most basic point of all! If you don’t feel you’re ready to become a parent yet, don’t! Having kids is a BIG deal. You’re bringing a new human into this world and it is going to be completely up to you to raise them right. It’s a huge responsibility and jumping into it before you’re fully ready can lead to some not so good results, for you, as well as your baby!


2. Travel


Let’s be honest, till the kid is at least 5, travelling with him or her is NOT going to be easy. And it’s not just about the ease. Kids are awfully simple creatures, who pretty much just want to have fun. A fancy European or Australian holiday is going to be an absolute nightmare to go to with a baby, not just cost wise, but mentally too! Why? Because chances are, they’re not going to enjoy drinks by the beach, a trip to the vineyards or the stop you planned at the world famous museum!

Last, but not the least, let’s not forget the fact that it is going to be ridiculously difficult to plan long holidays with children because they don’t come cheap. Bringing up a child is expensive and the money that has been going in your travel fund until now is most probably going to go towards the expenses of the children thereafter.


3. Spend More Time With Your Partner

If you haven’t lived in with your partner before marriage, this one is important. Take time out to first build a life with just you two. Go on random midnight drives, take up crazy hobbies together, do full Sunday movie marathons, spontaneous trip, the list is endless! Devote time to yourselves as a couple living together and cherish that time!


4. Finances

Planning a baby late has numerous financial advantages. Not only will you be more financially stable, but you also get time to save up and financially prepare for the baby.


5. Career


Of course there are many superwomen across the world who manage work and children flawlessly. But if you are at a crucial stage in your career or do not want it to suffer, bowing down to the pressure of having a baby is going to put you in a not-so-good state. You may end up feeling drained, exhausted with a feeling of not being able to give 100% to either one of the two and worse still, you may even feel a hint of resentment towards the baby!


So ladies, if you want to take some time to have your kid, feel no pressure! Do as your heart says! The only thing we suggest? Have a chat with your doctor about what medical options suit you best.

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