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Millenial Fashion Guide: 6 Kind Of Shoes For Every Occasion

Anyone with a decent sense of fashion would know that clothes alone can’t give you a great dressing style. Your shoes are as much necessary as your outfit. The following quintet of footwear styles should cover you for most occasions and will ensure you put your best foot forward.

Open Toed Cream Wedges

Open-toed cream wedges make for a perfect summer as well as vacations. They have all the advantages of heels minus the disadvantages. They give you extra height yet are not uncomfortable to wear. Whenever you are going out with your girls or even going for a date, wedges are the must have!

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Black Pumps

Black pumps usually give a very formal look. They come handy whenever you have to go for an important meeting, an interview, a professional event and so on. Being formal, they are evergreen and hence worth splurging on.

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White Sneakers

No matter whether you want to hit the gym, take an evening walk or just go to the nearby supermarket aisle, white sneakers not only make you look fabulous but are also the most comfortable ones on this list. No wonder, they are perfect to run daily errands.

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Strappy Heals

If you are going for a weekend party, or for that matter, any party, scrappy heels are what you should be looking for. They are worth spending the bucks on.

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Party Wear Flats

Accept it! You don’t always feel like wearing heels to the parties even though they make you look great. For all those times when you hate the heels, party wear flats come to your rescue.

Indian Flats

Even if you are hearing this term for the first time, you have come across them a lot of times when on a shopping spree. They go with all the Indian wear. That alone, is a reason good enough to spend on them.

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