Impeccably Dressed – Sonam Kapoor At Khoobsurat Promotions

It is an absolute delight anytime Sonam Kapoor has a movie coming out.
The reason?
The outfits!

She goes all out, and so do we, lusting over what she wears. And this time around too, it wasn’t any different. She was spotted in some gorgeous outfits and as we near the release of Khoobsurat, we take a look at all that she wore.

Starting with the skirts, we’re loving all of them!sonam-khoobsurat4snam-khoobsurat2

This Manish Arora skirt literally dropped our jaws.sonam-khoobsurat1

Sonam also wore a few crop tops with long skirts. Especially digging the orange and white stripped skirt.sonam-khoobsurat5

And one can always be rest assured of some quirky and unique looks if it’s Sonam.sonam-khoobsurat14

Notice the heart bag below.sonam-khoobsurat11

The fashionista also makes it a point to wear a few Indian outfits and we love her choices!sonam-khoobsurat13

All of Sonam’s outifts for Khoobsurat promotions were uber cute and super chic.sonam-khoobsurat8

Does this lady ever have a bad day?sonam-khoobsurat7

Nope, nope and never!

What do you think?

Written by Vigya Atri

I've always enjoyed writing but the professional route to it happened by chance and I'm loving it! I literally have a billion dreams, one of which is to own an amusement park someday! I love to eat and often dream about pizza in my free time.

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