How Women’s Day is Celebrated Across the Globe…

Coming March 8th, celebrations for International Women’s Day are on full swing across the globe. Every year this day brings out aloud the issues of being a woman as well as numerous ways to pamper woman.

In 1911, the first International Women’s Day was celebrated, raising gender equality issues. Nowadays, along with the social awareness on status of women this day is celebrated in a grandeur manner with shopping discounts, food discounts, special pampering from corporate offices, and various special offers.

Women are known as source of inspiration, in realms of home, office, relationships, country and endless other reasons. This year, United Nations has themed this year as “Inspiring Change”, as it is the women who initiate the efforts of changes, thus making histories more interesting.

Apart from the NGO’s and social forums raising awareness for respect of women, safety for women and other related issues, many jewellery and apparel brands across the globe are giving privileges to women with amazing discounts.

In Mumbai, this coming weekend of 8th March at Mumbai, Tent Jewellery is organizing Women’s Day Sale. The Tent Jewellery is a new upcoming brand for junk or imitation jewellery. Trendy and classy neck pieces and matching bangles are quite impressive of young jewellery store. Grab your bags and refill your collection of daily wear. Whereas in New Delhi, many designers are offering open sale day and new designers are launching their collection as well.

Talking about pampering the working women, many corporate firms have special treat for their women employers almost every year. Furthermore, spas treats, sales, special contests are a regular affair.

This year, all through the month of February, the United Kingdom in numerous domains initiated campaigns in libraries, eateries, stores various contests on the UN based theme of the year. Indulging into luxurious treatment of shopping books, clothes, shoes, jewellery; libraries are celebrating women authors, and running contests on ‘best slogan on women’.

Celebrating the spirit of woman, other countries like Amsterdam, Canada, USA, Australia, and India are uniting with the spirit of International Women’s Day with a weekend full of happiness!

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Written by Madhurima

Madhurima is an amazing girl and feature writer from Delhi. To pep up her day, all she needs is a mug of black coffee, countryside music and a good read. If she is not in office you will find her shopping for magazines, browsing through books, exploring gastronomy at new outlets, or engaged in dialogues on how to live a happy life

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