How to Quit With Dignity !

You may choose to leave an organisation for better opportunity, better salary, because you think you have reached your saturation, you don’t see any growth opportunity, or very simply, you are just fed up with your current workplace, and just cannot take the office politics any more, whatever the reason might be, always remember one golden rule — always leave on a positive note. Your colleagues and bosses should respect you as a worker even after you leave the organisation. Remember, job market is a vicious circle. If you fight with your current boss and quit, who knows you may just bump into him after few years, at another workplace! Here are a few things you must keep in mind before you quit.Quit with dignity

Get a new job

Quitting a job cannot be a sudden decision. There are several factors that lead to this decision. No matter how fed up you are, never quit on impulse. Always make sure you have another job, a confirmation letter, or at least a back-up plan.

Have enough savings

Keep in mind that you will get your first salary at your new job only at the end of the first month. So make sure you have enough savings so that you can carry on for a month without any salary.

Finish your incomplete work

Before quitting, make sure you finish all the pending work — reports, projects, presentations et al. Even if you are serving your notice period, don’t compromise on work quality. Good feedback from your present boss will motivate you to do better in your next job. So, give your best till your last day.

Clear your desk and dues

Before you leave, make sure you clean up your desk, your drawer and your locker. Make sure you finish all the leaving formalities. Label all the important files and throw away stuff that’s of no use. Just as you won’t like to clean up other people’s mess, others won’t like cleaning up yours! Don’t leave important things behind and don’t forget to collect your performance appraisal. Also, make sure to clear all the dues, like canteen bills or if you owe someone cash, make sure to pay back.

Proper good byes are must

On your last day, make sure you meet up with everyone — all the bosses, seniors, your subordinates and juniors. Make sure to say a nice good bye to those who hired you and all those who helped in your professional growth. Take mobile numbers of all those whom you would like to keep in touch with.

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