DIY Lehenga Ideas For This Wedding Season

The wedding season is almost upon us and if you’re desperately searching for something to wear on your best friend or brother or sister’s wedding, or worse still, searching for something to wear on your own Sangeet or Cocktail function, this article just for you. So get ready, because after this, you gotta put your game face and comfortable shoes on, and go to the markets to find your perfect fabrics!

Big Bordered Love

A big/broad border can do wonders for a lehenga, even if the rest of the lehenga is plain fabric. It will instantly give a heavy look, without actually being heavy.

This lehenga can work well in just one colour, or two to three colours. However, if you aren’t too fashion savvy, we suggest you stick to maximum two colours.

The trick is keep it simple. Don’t go overboard on the colours AND multiple borders. Take for example, Dia Mirza, Shradha Kapoor and Illeana D’Cruz’s lehenga below. They’re essentially sticking to one main colour and playing up majorly on their borders.DIY Lehenga

If you do not wish to stick to one colour, you can pick two or even three, and give your choli and ghagra , or in case of three colours, dupatta included, different colours each. Shreya Saran and Aditi Rao Hydari are the perfect examples in this case. They’ve stuck to two major colours, and one kind of border. While Aditi’s lehenga has the border only on the bottom of the ghargra, Shreya’s lehenga plays around with the border a little bit more.

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You can opt for any fabric you like, silk, chiffon, net, whatever you prefer. Your border, can either be simple, or have some embroidery on it.

Getting such a lehenga done, pretty much suits all sorts of budgets since you can opt for budget friendly fabrics or expensive ones like pure silk. The borders too, can be kept light to suit a smaller budget or heavy to suit the bigger ones.

Simple Fabric, Simple Border, Bold Lehenga

This is perhaps the easiest DIY lehenga and a spin off, of the above lehenga. The difference? You’re picking a simple border, and it doesn’t have to be big. A classic example of this lehenga is what Sridevi wore a while back.


The fabric is simple but bold, and as is the border. When you’re getting fabric for the border, make sure to get extra so you can get a choli made out of the same material. Also, pick heavier fabrics and bold colours, since the work on your lehenga will be light.

Hello Minimalism!

With smart fabrics and equally smart silhouettes, a super chic lehenga is possible pretty easily. Because there’s no embroidery involved, you need to make sure the colour and the silhouette is dramatic. You pretty much just have to make one shop stop here, and that is, at a fabric store.

While Neha Dhupia has worn a satin lehenga below, one can opt to wear silk too. Wearing a light fabric, such as chiffon is not advisable though, since it might fail to make an impact on its own.neha-dhupia

The Heavier Route

All these are fine, but say you’re the sister of the bride/groom, you need a heavier lehenga! But a heavy lehenga usually equals to heavy costs too and it’s not always easy to get a DIY for that. Who are you even going to find to do the work on it?

But there’s a trick here too! Simply choose a heavier fabric. One that has simple work done on it already and pretty much just requires you to hand it over to your tailor.

We’ll start with this Sonam Kapoor lehenga. The fabric itself, is so heavy, that it really doesn’t need any other work done on it. Yes, you’ll have to loosen your purse strings a little bit for the fabric, but that’s pretty much it. Opt for a simple choli here and an equally simple lehenga.sabysa-sonam

And if you’re thinking, “ok, I wanted heavy, but not that heavy,” you can go for slightly lighter fabrics, ones with chikankari or brocade work. (PS: if you are getting a brocade lehenga made, get simple gold strips to differentiate each ghera. The same can be seen in Neha’s lehenga below)


And if you’re thinking, “Mission Abort, Mission Abort, I CANNOT deall with such heavy lehengas, we’ve got just the dea for you! Take a printed fabric instead of one with heavy work. It’ll work well visually, without bogging you downNargis Fakhri

So there you go! We hope we’ve made the process of getting a DIY lehenga easy for you. Good luck!

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