8 Important Tips to Host Best Party at Home

You hardly find anybody saying a ‘No’ to the call of fun. Everybody loves to have fun. Many find their share of fun in creating moments. And hosting parties is one of the best ways to create moments that people can hardly forget. We often get confused about how to plan a party. Here are some tips that will mark you as an unforgettable, remarkable host.

Number of guest & RSVP

Be sure of the number of guests who will be arriving at the party. For this you need to carry out a formal invitation process and ask your invitees to RSVP so that you can be sure of the total number of heads 6ou will have to arrange for.

Dress up your house

Dress your house with party curtains, gossamer or flat paper. Use your party invitation as curling ribbons to create an atmosphere that makes one feel good. You can also attach tissue lanterns to table edges, walls, door frames or even to gazebos.

Powder Room

Make sure you have a pleasant powder room. You can decorate the powder room with a pleasant garden inspired wall paper or even with wall papers having geometrical shaped. This, however, depend on the style of mirror you have in the powder room. You can decorate ti candlestick lamps or even with petite accessories.

Furniture & Furnishing

Be sure that the style of your dining area and its colour match. For example, for dining area having bamboo-style chair should have a bold colour that coordinate with the interiors of the cabinet. Or, you can give an instant life to your old furniture with a glossy black paint. You can make use of linens to soften the space. This also covers your old furniture in case you do not get the time to paint them.

Create Cocktail Bar

To make the meal interesting and creative you can set up a cocktail bar. You can serve the appetizers in a family-style. Create a unique and decorative center piece to be kept on the table. Hang a beautiful chandelier above the table so that the food looks attractive under the influence of the light. You can look for various ways to serve your food items. Hiring a caterer would be cost effective in case you need professionally prepared food items. Prefer to over-cater so that you are sure your guests are having their fill.

Fun Area

Create a safe area where guests can calm down and sit with a coffee or any non-alcoholic drink. This is a place where guests can chill out and rest a little before indulging in fun again.

No Disturbance to Neighbor

Party should not create disturbance. You should have a talk with your neighbors about how long the party would take place. You can provide them with your number so that they can get in touch with you if something bothers them.

Take Care of Little Things

Knowledge about law is important. You should know about the restrictions applied on noise in your locality. Accordingly keep the music and request your guests to park their cars so that essential services and ways are not blocked.

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