8 Health Benefits of Garlic

Garlic falls in the onion family and is known for its various culinary uses. Besides being used in cooking garlic has several other benefits. Let us look into the 8 ways garlic helps in healing and in being healthy.

An antibiotic

Allicin is a chemical that is found in garlic. This helps garlic to act as a powerful antibiotic preventing the growing of germs within the body. It also fights against infection, inflammation, coughs and cold.

Reduces cholesterol

Garlic is known to bring down the cholesterol level in the blood. It also helps in bringing the blood pressure down preventing the attack of cardiovascular diseases.

Fights cancer

Consumption of garlic has shown that it fights against cancerous tumours and also prevents cancer in the stomach, liver and the lungs. It also lowers the risk of cancer in the colon.

Protects the immune system

The immune system helps us fight infections. Vitamin B6 and C are found in garlic and they help in maintaining a strong immune system.

Cleanses the digestive system

There are chemotherapy drugs that often damage the intestines. Garlic helps in reducing the risk of this damage. The whole digestive system is taken care of as internal parasites are cleansed.

Garlic for weight control

Garlic helps in controlling weight as it helps in suppressing the appetite. The brain gets the signal of satiety and controls the appetite.

Fights kidney diseases

Kidneys are affected by high blood pressure as it damages the small blood vessels that help the kidneys to function. Low blood pressure allows blood to flow easily though the blood vessels and also reduces the pressure on the artery walls, thereby keeping the kidney healthy.

Fights ENT problems

Problems of the ear, nose and the throat are reduced by the consumption of garlic. Garlic is seen to have cured ear infection, coughs, asthma, breathing troubles, lung disorders, scratchy throats and chronic bronchitis.

Here we see garlic as a vegetable with qualities that do not end simply at enhancing the taste of foods. So, don’t you belittle the little clove that has immense power hidden inside it!

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