7 excellent ways of waking up to a peaceful morning

Good morning! O yes, mornings can be good, rather very good if the waking happens peacefully. But somehow you fail to wake up peacefully? Or you feel you need more sleep and so leaving your bed becomes tedious. Now, read further to know how you can make up to a morning serene and peaceful.Alarm Clock

Alarm clock with wake up light

These alarm clocks are equipped with a wonderful wake up light. After the alarm goes off the light gradually turns and becomes bright enough to wake you up. So if you have to wake up in the middle of the night, get this friend.

Nature into alarm

There are alarms that spread wonderful aroma in the room so that you wake up to the smell of it. This is how the olfactory sense is being put to its best use. There are also alarms that produce sounds of nature.

Couples alarm clock ring piece: If you do not wish to wake your spouse get the couples alarm clock that comes in the form of a ring. It simply vibrates waking up the wearer without any commotion in the room.

Sweet sunshine

For a peaceful morning there is no need for a noisy alarm. It not only sounds jarring but also disturbs other members of the household. Set your bed near the window and keep the curtains apart so that the sunlight wakes you up.

Exercise class

Go for an exercise class that starts early in the morning. The investment you made into it will remind you every morning of waking up with a jump.

Weight reminder

If you are scared of gaining weight then there is nothing like the alarm of your mind. Once you feel a little awake remind yourself of your current and make it a point to bring it down. If your weight isn’t much try to maintain it.

Sachet magic

If you feel that coffee or tea is the only means of waking you up, why worry about who will make the coffee? Why depend in others? What are sachets for? Keep sachets of coffee, milk and sugar beside a flask of hot water with a mug covered with a coaster. The moment you wake up drowsy tear open the sachets for a wonderfully refreshing and independent morning.

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