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7 Magical Benefits of Mushrooms

Do you know that mushrooms have qualities that can benefit you in various ways? Here Whatshelikes gives you 7 reasons why you should grab a pack of mushrooms next time you visit the market.7 Benefits of the magical mushrooms

1.Good for the heart

Mushrooms are fatless and contain fibres that help in reducing the cholesterol level in the blood. This helps in keeping the blood pressure low thereby keeping coronary heat diseases at bay.

2For the slim & trim figure

Mushrooms contain low-fat and are filling too and therefore, encourage you to eat less. Mushroom for lunch or dinner can help you a lot in maintaining the desired weight.

3.Reduce risk of arthritis

Mushrooms are a wonderful source of natural Vitamin D. Vitamin D helps in strengthening bones and reduce the risk of suffering from arthritis. Women tend to get weak bones as they age. Mushrooms can be the best way to keep away arthritis.

4.Good for skin and hair

Mushrooms are known to keep your skin and hair in good health. Mushrooms have low carb content they are therefore good for the skin. Mushrooms have nutrients like riboflavin, biotin, niacin, selenium and copper which help you maintain good health of your skin and hair.

5.Keep diabetes away

Mushroom have low Glycaemic Index which is the glucose to foods containing carbohydrates. Mushrooms, therefore, have almost no effect on your blood sugar level.

6.For strong immunity

Nutrients like selenium prevent the body cells from damage that might lead to chronic diseases. Mushrooms have the antioxidant ergothioneine which helps to transport protein in the blood and strengthens the immune system of the body.

7.Fight the risk of breast cancer

Mushrooms are known to have compounds like lectins, special carbohydrates, unique proteins and glucans that are known to prevent potential growth of tumour and cancer cells. Mushrooms are known to reduce the risk of the breast to a remarkable extent.

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