Summer Reading List: 4 Must-Read Books For Women

We just love inside the every single thing that our celebrities live.From how to get Instagram-worthy makeup tips to hairstyle ideas that changed our look forever.But there is more to the famous celebrities life than just hair and makeup.We’ve added these newly launched books by our celebrities this summer.Check out our recommendation.

Love,Loss and What We Ate a memoir by celebrity chef, mother and cookbook author Padma Lakshmi. Her recently launched book is something we are eagerly waiting for.Long before Padma Lakshmi ever stepped onto a television set, she learned that how we eat is an extension of how we love, how we comfort, how we forge a sense of home–and how we taste the world as we navigate our way through it. Shuttling between continents as a child, she lived a life of dislocation that would become a habit as an adult, never quite at home in the world.Love,loss and what we ate

Pretty Happy: There is no doubt about she is our the most fav Hollywood celebrity. Kate’s written a book about how to love your body—with tips she practices on the regularly. Kate writes, “Instead, the goal is feeling good in your body. That’s what leads to confidence, to feeling and looking fit, and being pretty happy.” Isn’t that amazing to know what your body wants and how food is supposed to be fun?Pretty Happy

It’s All Easy by Gwyneth Paltrow: This is a book that can help you navigate the healing journey from Youseless You to Glorious Gwynnie. She writes, “I’d eat every meal at a table with a cloth napkin and silver cutlery; in reality, I’m often spreading almond butter on a rice cake while rushing from a mindfulness class to a soccer ball game. Here are some quick snacks that you can easily knock up in about 40 minutes.” Even if you might not want to follow up with all international recipes but certainly it can be a good read to know how a celebrity and a mommy is juggling between her roles.It's all easy

Indian Superfoods by Rujuta Diwekar: Very practical, on point and super informative! This book is all about food wisdom. We loved reading this book. Celebrity dietician Rujuta Divekar takes us through the secret foods for health, vitality and weight loss lie in our own kitchens and backyards. This book is available exclusively on juggernaut app.Indian Superfoods

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Written by Smita Diwan

Smita Diwan is a Media & Communication evangelist with 15+ years of steady growth. She has served across diverse verticals of Broadcast Journalism, Corporate Communications, Digital Media and Public Relations. A fitness enthusiast, Smita devotes her ‘rare’ free-time to yoga and meditation. As she strongly believes that the right balance is the key to steady growth.

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