30 Blouse Designs Ideas For The Wedding Season

When the wedding season is on a full swing then you are full on with your traditional game and that’s when sarees are worn in full swing. But in order to give your saree a complete glam look blouses need to score full points. Blouses are something which plays a very important role in your saree.

So, let’s have a look at the 30 best blouse designs for the wedding season –

1.Off Shoulder Blouse –

Off shoulder is in trend since some time and so are the off shoulder blouses. Such an off shoulder blouse is perfect for cocktail evenings or date nights.

2. High Neck Blouse –

High neck blouse is the chic and corporate way to amp up any saree. If you have the plain saree and blouse both then you can try this blouse style to look stylish.

3. Ornamental Neck Blouse –

This is the latest blouse in the market where you will see beads and other jewelry attached to our blouse. This will make your blouse very glamorous and trendy.

4. Sheer Blouse –

Sheer blouse is the perfect sexy blouse for girls who like to flaunt. This is the peak a boo blouse which will make any saree sexy and sultry.

5. Abstract Printed Blouse –

Perfect for plain sarees. Now, a days you will see a plain saree with an abstract blouse and it looks great together.

6. Contrast Blouse –

Wearing a contrast blouse is the perfect way to balance an entire outfit.  Choose a blouse which is in complementing colour to your saree.

7. Embellished Elbow Length Blouses –

These are the blouses which have embellished patterns on the sleeves area. They are of elbow length and look very trendy and stylish.

8. Plain Elbow Length Blouses –

These are for the silk sarees mostly. Perfect for weddings in winter season.

9.  Strap Bikini Blouses –

This are the sexy blouses which you must wear if you have those sexy sculpted arms and collar bones. This is perfect to flaunt your sexy figure.

10. Kundan Work Blouse –

Another blouse which is high in dose with the heavy kundan work. It is perfect heavy blouse for the bride.

11. Mughal Inspired Cape Blouses –

Another perfect long blouse to try this season. This is a long blouse as compared to the usual ones and comes in dark colours with rich work.

12. Net Blouse Design –

Net will be an evergreen trend in weddings. And the bonus with this blouse design is that you can try multiple works on this and it will cover your skin too.

13. Boat Neck Blouse Design –

Very stylish and a statement blouse design without comprising on quality.

14. Bow Tie Blouse Design –

Here the back pattern is in the form of a bow tie. But wear it only when you are confident to carry this bold blouse.

15. Back Pattern Blouse Design –

The major attraction in this blouse design is the back pattern.  Back pattern of the blouse can be different as per your requirement.

16. Angarakha Style Blouse Design –

Another trendy blouse design perfect for those who are afraid to show off their skin. It comes in multi-layer with heavy embroidery and sequence finishing.

17. Collar Blouses –

Another chic yet formal way of styling a saree. If you wear a normal saree and pair a collared blouse with it then see the difference in your appearance.

18. Zipper Details Blouses –

Another newbie blouse style. Girls who are not very sure of hook pattern can go with zip pattern in your blouses.

19. Halter Neck Design Blouse –

How about a halter neck pattern in your blouse. It will not show off too much of your skin and even then it will form the perfect support for your blouse.

20. Backless Blouse –

This is another trendy blouse design which is backless. It will have 1-2 straps only for the support.

21. Lace Blouse –

Another creative and intimate blouse pattern which is perfect to channel the feminine side in you.

22. One Shoulder Blouse –

This is the wedding style blouse inspired from the runway fashion. It is perfect for cocktail evenings in the wedding.

23. Long Jacket Blouse Pattern –

This is a very trendy and stylish blouse pattern and it emerged from none other than the style icon Sonam Kapoor herself. She wore a white and golden blouse and paired it with a long cape of the some pattern.

24. Crop top Blouse Pattern –

This is a versatile blouse piece which is not only worn with sarees but also with skirts or even short skirts or jeans.

25. Puffed Blouse Pattern –

This is the puffer blouse pattern which is puffed at the shoulder portion and instantly gives you a younger look.

26. Assymetrical Blouse –

Gone are the days when the blouse need to be well-fitted. This loose baggy sleeves will be the perfect addition to a classy silk saree.

27. Sheer Back Pattern Blouse –

This is a sexy but trendy piece of blouse. It will look very stylish and charming at the same time.

28. Strap less Blouse –

Another bold blouse design which is difficult to carry but is a statement maker in itself.

29. Sleevless Blouse Pattern –

This is the evergreen blouse style which will never go out of the fashion book.

30. Frill Blouse Pattern –

We all know three quarter blouses but how about adding frills at the bottom. Such a cool style right.

What do you think?

Written by Pallavi Bose

Extremely passionate about everything she does. Loves to make a small world of her own in this big world. Makeup, fashion, and styling scores the highest on her list. Pallavi is completely starstruck, especially Bollywood.

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