3 Best International Places for Women Shopaholic

There are some places in the world which are known as the shoppers’ paradise. The world of fashion involves unique styling and designing that sets you apart from the crowd. For the compulsive shopper there can be nothing better than good things to spend for. A shopper would surely like to know about matters that could save time and money while shopping in some of the celebrated places of the world.


This city is known as the fashion capital for it brings to the world the latest trends in fashion. Though Paris brings you top fashionable items and dresses, people usually think that fashion items in Paris are highly expensive. There are places in Paris where you can get fashion wear at reasonable prices. These places are La Clef des Marques, Le Mouton a Cinq Pattes and Reciproque. You also have the Parisian open air market where markets for different kinds of items are there like the food markets, flea markets, organic, bird markets, flower markets, markets for fabric and clothing, vintage postcards and stamp markets and also antique books markets.

Tips: You should know that a VAT is automatically added in France for whatever items you buy. There is VAT refund if the amount of purchase goes up above 183 €.


Apart from its natural beauty, London is also known for the wonderful shopping places like Oxford Street where you will find above 300 shops, landmark stores and designer outlets. You will get mid-priced fashion shops at Jermyn Street and Regent Street. For exclusive designer clothes and luxurious window shopping you should visit Mayfair and Bond Street. Shirt makers like Benson and Clegg and shoe makers like John Lobb have their stores here. Other places for shopping are Westfield London, Covent Garden, Carnaby Street and King’s Road.

Tips: The price of vintage football shirts starts from nearly £32.99. Londoners and tourists purchase these shirts to celebrate the past glories of England. Hei Poa oil starts from near about £9.


Bangkok in Thailand is a place that provides you with cheap stuffs like Thai silk, DVDs, costume jewellery, clothing and computers and peripherals. There is the Chatuchak Weekend Market where you find exclusive and good quality clothes,shoes,bags,home decor item at an affordable price. A scarf may cost about 100 baht which will amount to near about $3.10. DVDs are available starting from 100 baht to 299 baht ($10.30). Costume jewellery is quite cheap and you can get them for 10 baht (30 cents). Price of T-shirts starts from 99 baht ($3.08) to 250 baht ($7.80). Computer and its peripherals are available in Union Mall, Fortune Town Mall and Pantip Plaza.

Tips: Shops in Bangkok are usually open from 10 am to 9 pm. Bargain before you buy anything. The asking price is usually 10% to14% above the actual price. Credit cards are accepted in shopping centres for tourists. Taking returns or exchange is not usually practised in Thailand.

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