10 Places You Must See In Kuala Lampur

First time to KL? WhatSHELikes is here to help you out with a quick list of things-to-do in and around the capital city. And if you’re short on time, then make sure you give the Top-5 a visit.
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So here’s jumping right in; our countdown begins:

1. The Petronas Twin Towers:
A visit to these 452 meters tall and 9th tallest buildings in the world a visit is a must for every traveller. At the 41st Floor is the Sky-bridge and on the 88th floor is the Observatory Deck; you can purchase tickets to go up to them. But if you have a tour of the Kuala Lumpur Tower (KL Tower) on your itinerary, then I suggest you go to the Observation Deck there. The latter has an even better panoramic view of the city with the towers included. (PS: Special article on the towers coming soon)

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2. Putrajaya:
If you had little time on your hands and were asked to visit just one place in Malaysia before you headed out, then I’d say, zip your way through to Putrajaya because it’s an experience not to be missed. This 50 sq-km completely man-made city is every bit medieval yet futuristic, as from a funky sci-fi movie.  Also, make sure to carry your sun-screen, cap or an umbrella, cause you’ll be out in the sun for long.
(PS: Article on Putrajaya coming soon)
B3. The KL Tower:
Set as the 6th Tallest Communication Centre in the world, the ‘Menara Kuala Lumpur’, at a height of 421 meters, was built to improve the quality of telecommunications and broadcasting transmission. On the first of its 6 floor built-up, is the Observation Deck staged with binoculars to get a 360 degree view of the city and the Twin Towers. (The binoculars are so powerful that I imagine there could never be a private moment in the city!)Above it is a revolving restaurant, ‘Atmosphere 360’ which serves as beautiful spot to watch the sun set as you enjoy one of the most extravagant spreads of food and desert. (Do keep room for the large variety of deserts! They are quite irresistible). Though on the expensive side, the restaurant is so popular that it requires a 6-month advance booking on ‘Valentine’s day!’

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4. Royal Selangor Visitor Centre (RSVC):
Though not on many tourists’ agenda, RSVC is definitely worth your time. The entry is free, including the guided tours provided. Here you’ll learn about the origin of the Royal Selangor Company and know more about Pewter making with live demonstrations. If you haven’t heard of Pewter, it’s an alloy mainly comprising of Tin and is the fourth most precious metal after platinum, gold and silver. (Remember, a Pewter Cauldron is required in the first year at Hogwarts?)
At the end of the tour, you’ll have an option to craft your own Pewter bowl or work at the Foundry, which will be your gift along with a certificate from the company. The workshops are at an additional cost, but are totally worth it and make for one of the best experiences in the city. So head there for your pewtersmithing; as they say, ‘it’s their tools but your muscle.’

D5. BukitBintang Walk (BbKLCC):
If you’re an avid shopper, BbKLCC is your paradise. The street has 9 exquisite shopping malls with over 3,000 stores. You can read more on what to buy and what not to miss on our page – Shopping Fest in Malaysia.E1 6. Aquaria KLCC:
How often do you see a lion and cow sit together an enjoy a private space? Well, at the Aquaria KLCC, you’ll see both these type of fish in the same tank! This along with red-bellied Piranhas, tiny Razor Fish to Electrical-Eels, the Manta-Rays and ultimately the Great White Shark. Built underground, the Aquarium is interactive, well-built and an educational, and covering it should not take you over two hours. There are opportunities for divers to swim with the sharks and for children to ‘spend the night with sharks’. For RM50, it’s worth the experience but try going on a weekday to avoid the rush. Who knows, if you’re lucky, you’ll ‘find Nemo’.
(L to R- The Lion Fish and Cow Fish, The Kings of Camouflage:Stone fish & Crocodile Fish)

7. KL Bird Park:
You might have noticed, that most of your friends traveling to the South-east nations come back with a colourful picture of parrots on their shoulders. That’s a sign of having travelled abroad. Well, here’s where you can get yours.
The KL Bird Park has a large number of macaws, cockatoos, lories and parakeets, along with the magnificent Hornbill and Ostrich. These aviary beauties do not have their wings clipped and can take flight within the confines of the park. You can catch the Bird show or make it to the feeding times. But remember, at the photo-booth, if the bird doesn’t know you and you try to touch him, you might end up with a not-so-friendly peck.G
8. Blue Mosque:
The Sultan Salahuddin Abdul Aziz Shah Mosque or simply, the Blue Mosque, is the State Mosque of Selangor and is the second largest mosque in South-East Asia. It gets its peculiar name from the beautiful blue dome, which is the largest religious dome in the world. Built with intricate art-work, this mosque has a capacity to hold 20,000 worshippers and is fully air-conditioned and well maintained. If you make a trip to the mosque, make sure you’re modestly dressed and for women, that you cover your head. If not, the authorities are kind enough to provide you with the necessary attire.

H Picture courtesy: &

9. Genting Highlands:
Genting Highlands is an adventurous hill station cum resort outside of Kuala Lumpur, with the only place to have licensed gambling in Malaysia. Built by the Genting Group, the place boasts of one of the largest indoor and outdoor theme parks with an in-house ‘Snow World’. An absolutely enjoyable place with children, you can reach the resort via car (a one hour drive from KL) or on a cable-car, the Genting Skyway, which is the highest cable-car lift in South East Asia. Currently, work is underway to make room for the world’s first ‘20th Century Fox World’, due to open in 2016.I

10. Batu Caves:
A picturesque and religious site, the Batu Caves are a collection of limestone caves that are millions of years old. At the entrance of a cave is the statue of the Hindu deity, Murugan which stands at 42 meters, biggest of his statues in the world. If nature is what you seek, the place also offers several rock climbing routes. The site is accessible by train and is an enjoyable trip.


Depending on whether you’re a history-lover or an adventure seeker, there are several more places you can visit around the city. These include:

  1. Istana Negara or the King Palace – It’s the official residence of the King. If the King is at his residence, then you’ll see the Royal Yellow-coloured flag fly at the castle. And if you’re lucky, you’ll even catch the change of guard ceremony.
  2. The National Mosque – the dome of the mosque is umbrella shaped, symbolizing the tropical weather. It’s modern, well maintained and has a lovely compound of plants and fountains.
  3. Sultan Abdul Samad Building – Built by the British, this Victorian building holds many government offices. It is located just outside the Merdeka or Independence Square – the Malaysian pride – where the Union Jack flag was lowered and the Malaysian flag was flown.
  4. Perdana Botanical Garden – if you’re a nature lover, the gardens make for a cozy family-picnic spot.
  5. KL City Gallery – It allows for an in-depth study on the history of the city.

With that, you have our curated list. As they say in Malaysia, ‘Selamat Perijalanan’ or safe travels!

Do you agree with our ‘Top-1o’ selections? Or do you have another suggestion?
Please do leave us your feedback in the comments sections below.

What do you think?

Written by Shonita Joshi

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