10 Nawabi Lucknowi Treats to Die For!

The City of Nawabs still manages to retain its charm and glory despite modernization. Upon entering the city; time, as we know it, slows down. It remains to be one of the few places where people say “aap”,”janaab” to greet one another. And if there’s one thing you shouldn’t miss out on when you visit this beautiful city; it is its mouth-watering delights! They are rich in their palette and always make you go back for more.

1.Sheermaalkabab – Tastes best with kababs.This delectable roti which is a pinkish shade in colour infuses the nawabi culture in every bite. A lot of sheermal-lovers eat it with garmagaram chai.Sheermaakabab

2.NahariKulcha: If you go to Lucknow and do not eat nahari then you haven’t truly been there! Best found in old gullys of Lucknow lined alongside the roads.Nahari Kulcha

3.Shami kabab: Galawati Kabab, Kakori Kebabs, Shami Kebabs, Boti Kebabs, Patili-ke-Kababs, Ghutwa Kebabs and Seekh Kebabs., you find them all here. This place is known as the ‘Land of Kababs’ for good reason.Shaami Kabab

4.Chaat: Oh Royal Café kibasket chat is to die for. Packed with calories galore but every bite is worth it! After the long ordeal of shopping in Hazratganj, which is the prime shopping market; Basket Chaat has a charm of its own.AlooChat

5.Prakash Kulfi at Aminabad– This place looks like it’s a 100 years old, and it might actually be but serves the best Kulfi in the city!Kulfi

6.Lucknowi Dum Pulao: Best eaten with yogurt called “bhurani”, Lucknowi Akhni Pulao has the royal touch which no other city can replicate.Dum Pulao

7.Qorma: This delicacy is cooked in every home of this city to perfection. It may be considered the staple food of this city by many. It’s cooked with both mutton as well as chicken, and can be eaten with either rumali roti or rice. Quorma (1)

8.Aloo Chaat: Your trip to Lucknow could not be complete without Aloo Chaat eaten with dahi and meethi chutney.aloochat1

9.Homemade bun and balai with Tea: This is a local delight for early risers. It’s always packed at the time and it is absolutely delicious!homemadebun

10.Chole Khasta: Typical northern dish, it is high on spices as well as flavour. This is a savory to not miss out on!CholeKasta

Besides the food; the archaic structures and the best shopping experience can be found in this part of the north belt. This is one must visit location for avid travellers and, above all; food lovers!

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Written by Sabika R

Sabika loves to read, go on long drives and is a die hard foodie. When not working, she's busy making plans to travel the world!

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