Now Personalise Your Denim To Look Glamorous

Do you still opt for that old conventional way of creating your own style or you want to try something new and adventurous!

Personliase ur denimAre you one of those people who believe in cutting their jeans or denims using a pair of scissors or sharp blades to give a rough and rusty design? Don’t worry; being your style messiah, I am here to share some great tips with you to craft your own stunning style. Personalising your clothes is not a new phenomenon, this is quite old actually. But what matters is how you personalise your style.

Recently I came across an amazing portal where all we have to do is set free our mind and think whatever we want to, and they will give us exactly what we want. No No I am not talking about any voodoo or astrological site, I am talking about an exceptional online shopping site that is simply wonderful-

Honestly, I had never come across any website that offers such an amazing way to create your own denims. As soon as you open the site the first thing that you can read is “The journey begins when an appointment is fixed with an IML stylist. You can choose from hundreds of designs and colours and personalise each part of your jeans”. And I guess we can consider the designing to be this brand’s USP as they have brilliant designs like monochromic colour, sun burnt or rustic design and more to choose from. In fact if I was asked to vote for the best design, I would choose the one with starry bleach and fissure effect depicting a remarkable designing.

In fact, the designing is based on the contemporary European design and use only the best Italian and British finishing combined with intricate hard work by trained craftsman with great experience. Getting an IML jeans is pretty easy, just contact the IML stylist, share your design idea and the kind of fabric and colour you want and they will create the right denim for you.

But it’s not that easy that you will get our denims being a lazy couch, you have to log on the site and connect with the stylist to order your personalised jeans. And although everything might sound like rocket science but this hard work is totally worth the product that you will get and that too at such a great price! You can get the personalised denims at Rs. 4900/-

You might think that I am exaggerating about it, but really I was stunned the moment I saw their designs. And I am surely going to order one for me and for that I have to think of some really cool designs to flaunt on my denims.

What do you think?

Written by Rimi Chakraborty

A graduate in journalism with a good experience in PR. Believes in working hard and partying harder. A fun loving person. Loves to read, write, singing, dancing and go for shopping. A moody cook (loves to cook food when in great mood).

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