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Christmas is the time when you get your shopping list refreshed. Right from buying presents to getting the perfect menu in order for the grand dinner, there are so many things to look into. Out of all this, a lot of thought must be given to the selection of the right wine, since it forms an integral part of the Christmas dinner.

WSL is here with some tips that might come handy while you go wine hunting!

• Go to a proper wine showroom rather than the supermarket. Most of the time, the managers of such stores are connoisseurs of fine wine and can guide you the best.

• Move beyond California and France. Think Italian, Australian. Be open to experiments. Read up a little about the best vintage wine from different countries before you go shopping. It is always better to get your own research done.

• When in doubt, ask! If you are hunting for rare vintage wines, look closely. Once you lay your hands on the right one, ask more about it. It is good to learn what kind of grape went into the making and how old the wine is. That way, you can impress your guests too.

• We sure cant make out if a wine, dated a year older than the other one is better. Don’t get fooled by dates. Instead try buying going by the grapes put into the wine.

• It is a good idea to buy different varieties of classic wine. This way you can save on cost by choosing different bottles priced differently. Also, it gives your guests a wide range of options to chose from.

• Attend wine tasting parties. Take interest in wine making history, you will be amazed to learn a lot of new things. A wine connoisseur makes for an impressive and attractive host.

• Compare and rate. Wine stores have competition too. Contrary to what we assume, wine bottles’ cost differs from one store to another. Devote some time, save on money.

Happy shopping! Hic hic..cheers!

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Written by Swati Tewari

A dreamer, a reader...and a crazy party animal, who loves to write. Trying to create something different each time, looking at the road ahead, gazing at the stars, wondering what their smile says...

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