Bra Matters : How to choose right Bra!

Earlier, we spoke about the harmful effects of bras and its supposed connections to breast cancer; but we all know that for women abandoning bras is not possible.

We know it’s harmful yet we can’t throw it away, so what to do in such a situation?

Well WSL brings to you some tricks and tips to keep in consideration while choosing the right bra.Bra Matters

Band: make sure that the band of the bra is neither loose nor too tight that it creates bulges around the band of the bra. It should fit comfortably. Though you can adjust the hooks, but if too that doesn’t help; then prefer to go for some other size.

Trick: try to slide two fingers under the band; if your fingers are sliding with ease then the bar is comfortable for you.

Cup: cups of bra are actually the important thing that you should be checking while buying a bra. Whether it is a t-shirt, kurti, or a gown; if your bra is not right and your boobs are not in place, you wouldn’t feel at ease.

Trick: while wearing bra, look in the mirror and see if your boobs are fitting in the cup perfectly without squeezing out of the top creating a double-boob or leaving extra material that will not look good.

Straps: if are you one of those who think that a bra is not tight enough till the time it’s too tight to your skin that it actually starts digging in your skin; then ladies it’s time to rethink. Straps should not be too tight but not too loose that it falls down from your shoulders.Choosing right bra

Well there is no trick as such in this! You have to see for yourself whether the bra strap is hurting you or it’s relaxing. Especially while wearing an underwire, make sure that the wire lays flat on the breastbone.

Another trick to choose the right bra is to flap your arms and wave them around. If the band goes up and boobs start to fall out then the bra might be bigger in size for you (time to try a smaller size).

Another problem is of ‘back fat’ and bulges, try adjusting the band and straps. You can also go for sports bras that are more comfortable comparatively. Also if you have a petite frame and finding the right bra is difficult, then ‘demi’ bra might be for you. Demi bras have a shorter wire and will not hurt you near the armpits.

Overall, the idea is that you should feel supported without being uncomfortable. If you’re unsure of your bra-size I recommend going to a department store and asking for help.

What do you think?

Written by Rimi Chakraborty

A graduate in journalism with a good experience in PR. Believes in working hard and partying harder. A fun loving person. Loves to read, write, singing, dancing and go for shopping. A moody cook (loves to cook food when in great mood).

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