7 Pet Photographers On Instagram That Will Melt Your Heart


Based out of South Carolina, this photography account with 4.2k followers has the cutest photographs of a whole big (and small) variety of dogs. The account has some of the most stunning close up portraits bound to make hearts melt.fetchingimages


Miss Mochi’s account is a double delight! Not only does she photograph adorable furballs, but she also has two of her own that regularly feature on the account. Currently the account has 547 followers, but we see the number going a lot higher in the future. themochimoch

Eric’s photos are nothing short of majestic! The photographer, who has 1.2k followers on the social media site, has a knack to catch his subjects in full glory. He’s also human to a Doberman that we get to see often on his


The newest account on the block, just a little over one month old is just 35 followers young at the moment. There’s no information about the photographer, but the pet photos are cute as ever. Just the kind that can make your day!picsandpets


Based out of Florida, this account’s edge is the uniqueness of the photographs. They’re modern, funny and can bring a smile to anyone’s face in an instant! 1.8k people get their regular dose of dog cuteness from this account.citydogphotography


This award winning photographer manages to catch the cutie pies in their silly moments with her camera. While she does dish out a whole lot of dog photographs for her 566 followers, she is not limited to them alone. Occasionally we see other animals making an appearance too! Kristine is based out of Venezuela.kristinazamb


Based out of Orange County, this account has some gorgeous photographs of our best friends. There’s an immense focus on expressions here and why not? Dogs are known to bring out some silly expressions every now and then, so why not freeze those in time forever? We’re loving these photographs and we’re sure, so are the 1.2k followers of this account!dogmapetportraits



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Written by Vigya Atri

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