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5 Must-Watch Educational Shows and Series on Netflix

Netflix has solved a problem by adding educational series to Netflix that we could watch and learn from.

Netflix Our Planet Educational Shows and Series

Netflix viewing has become the norm. Yes, we all enjoy watching shows, but let’s watch something that will teach us something important. Education is important in everyone’s life, and youth of this generation enjoy being engrossed in OTTs. So Netflix decided to solve a problem by adding educational series to Netflix that we could watch and learn from.

Here we’ve listed five must-watch educational content on Netflix.

1. Period. End of the Sentence

This is one of the best documentaries to learn about women’s real struggles. Periods and menstruation are taboo topics for women of all ages. Rayka Zehtabchi shot this documentary. It has highlighted the critical issues that have gone unnoticed. This film’s plot takes place in rural India. This film tells the story of a group of women. They make every effort to protest the treatment of menstruation. They raised the issue of making sanitary pads available at a low cost.

2. Our planet

Netflix’s Our Planet is a documentary series on animals in the United Kingdom. Silverback Films and Alastair Fothergill produced the series, which also contributed to the development. The series tackles conservation issues while showcasing endangered species in their natural habitats, and it has received accolades for focusing more on people’s impact on the environment than traditional nature documentaries, with a focus on how climate change affects all living things. It’s the first time Netflix has released a nature film.

3. Chasing Coral

Directed by Jeff Orlowski, it took three years of hard work, more than 500 hours of underwater filming in 30 countries, and the support of more than 500 volunteers. The film sheds light on the decline of coral reefs and tries to figure out the root cause of this activity.

As they construct the first time-lapse camera to film bleaching events as they happen, Chasing Coral pulls into the collective will and genius of ad guys, self-proclaimed coral enthusiasts, top-notch camera designers, and famous marine biologists.

Unfortunately, the job was never easy, and the team faced technical difficulties and the forces of nature to find their golden fleece: catching the undeniably tragic metamorphosis beneath the waves. Chasing Coral is a stunning revelation that won’t keep spectators sitting still for long, thanks to its breathtaking photography, nail-biting tension, and unexpected emotion.

4. Explained

Explained is a series from Vog Digs that discusses a wide range of topics from politics to music. It aims to explore the culture, trends, and anything related to happening around the globe through interviews and explanations from experts in the field. It touches on when sound becomes music, why women get lesser wages or the world’s growing water crisis. This is a good research series and highly recommended for curious young people.

5. 13th

The 13th Amendment to the United States Constitution was the inspiration for Ava DuVernay’s film 13th. It paints a picture of racial inequality, an unjust system and police brutality. The documentary features testimony from various advocates and scholars on the subject and the reasons for a large number of African Americans in prisons. The message of this documentary is clear and worth watching.


In today’s era, wherever you go, you will find people talking about OTT platforms such as Prime, Netflix, Disney+Hotstar etc. Everyone is watching web series, movies etc. on these platforms. So, let’s watch something which we can tell everyone. Maybe it will help and make them learn things.

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Written by Shreya

As much as I love reading as a human and a literature student, writing always creates a safe space for me. Through my writings, it feels I can be transparent with myself and my emotions. Love writing on topics - current affairs, entertainment and travel.

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