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Your Key to a Better Life Is Mindfulness

Mindfulness is a feeling of being aware of your body, mind, and spirit in the present time. Living in the moment is easy said than done.

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Be Mindful! You heard this too, right? But what does it mean to be mindful? Why is everyone out there preaching to practice mindfulness? We have all the answers to your curiosity or even more, so keep reading.

What does this buzzword Mindfulness mean?

People often mistake mindfulness as some heavy spiritual practice, but it is far from that. You don’t have to sit for hours staring at a candle to be mindful.

Mindfulness is a feeling of being aware of your body, mind, and spirit in the present time. Living in the moment is easy said than done. Mindfulness allows you to stay calm and be fully present in your day-to-day life. 

Now, you can say that’s not a big deal. Well, if you feel overwhelmed with your thoughts all the time, if your life is filled with stress, you know it is a big deal to enjoy a moment to its fullest. The practice of mindfulness lets you do just that.

Why do you ‘Need’ to practice Mindfulness?

Mindfulness holds the power to alter how you live every small and big moment of your life. You choose how you live, in the present (with mindfulness), or stay stuck somewhere else (without mindfulness). Here are a few of the unlimited list of reasons to start practising mindfulness:

  • Emotional Well being: Overwhelming thoughts and exaggerated actions are becoming a common part of our lives which is surely not a good sign. To stop this degradation of your emotional state you must believe in the power of mindfulness. If you are optimistic and cheerful then your surroundings will match up to you. Mindfulness will help you restrain from unwanted emotional tension and maintain a balance among your emotions.
  • Physical Rejuvenation: Mindfulness can be a saviour for people ascending towards old age. Ageing is natural and inevitable. With mindfulness practices, you can feel more active and rejuvenated because it takes away all the undesirable weight of thoughts you put on yourself. It can even reduce physical pain and help you lead a healthier life.
  • Boost Mental Health: Taking care of your mental health is crucial to stay in your best state. Ailments like anxiety and depression are always around the corner in the present world. Mindfulness acts as a strong shield for your mind and brings the sense of peace you always desired.
  • Increase Self-Awareness: Instead of judging yourself and others all the time you must transform your personality. Mindfulness encourages introspection and lets you see through your weaknesses. Knowing the areas to work on helps you in paving a more definite path to improvement. Mindfulness will boost up your growth and keep you motivated to be better at all times.

If you still ask what will you get out of it? A happy fulfilling life! 

Mindfulness will be your longest stride towards your career and life goals. So start practising mindfulness today with the below-mentioned ways.

How to be Mindful?

  • Notice your breathing. Be aware of the speed and nature of your breathing. Track its effects on the movements of your body inside-out.
  • Acknowledge your thoughts. Be aware of the thoughts that pass your mind. Let them pass without residing for too long. Move on.
  • Know your senses. Be aware of sensations around you. Be present in your surroundings and notice its effect on you without letting those sensations overwhelm you.
  • Feel your feet. Walking while being mindful will give you an extraordinary experience. With every step, you sense the earth and it is a serene feeling. Let your mind connect to nature.

Mindfulness is an approach that you can take up in every task you perform. Be aware! Be present!

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Written by Rakshita

Rakshita is an aspiring author and ambitious with a strong sense of responsibility. Loves country music and is an enthusiast of Art. Never likes to give up and explores everything she loves.

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