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Yardley of London Introduces English Lavender Soaps

English Lavender is Yardley of London’s international signature fragrance.

Yardley Lavendar Soap

Founded in 1770, Yardley of London is a British soap and perfume brand and one of the oldest companies in the world. Last year Yardley of London launched their product lines in India, as Wipro Consumer Care and Lighting acquired Yardley’s certain markets. In India leading actress, Katrina Kaif is the brand ambassador of Yardley of London.

YoL is one of England’s most popular perfume brands. Originally granted to sell lavender soap in the 17th century, the YoL becomes the popular name for its wonderful floral fragrances, be it perfume or soap or talcum powder or body spray – a timeless classics used by women of all ages.

English Lavender : Yardley Lavendar Soap
Yardley Lavendar Soap

Signature Fragrance: English Lavender

English Lavender is Yardley of London’s international signature fragrance which is a beautiful, elegant scent that combines lavender leaves, neroli and clary sage with a heart of lavender oil and geranium, enhanced with deeper notes of sandalwood and tonka bean.


Recently YoL introduced their popular English Lavender soaps in three variants like Premium English Lavender soap, English Lavender Guest Soaps and English Lavender Luxury soaps. English Lavender soaps are available all across the country in major outlets.

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